Our Winner for Agency Project Management: Brightpod


There is no shortage of project management software on the market – and that's a good thing. It allows each company to test its internal processes and other platforms with a PMS to see whether or not it's a good fit. Companies shouldn't change their process for a PMS, the PMS should fit the process. I've written about my frustration with Project Management Systems in the past… most of them became more work than they actually helped.

After a couple months of testing different platforms, we've just finished migration of all our projects to Brightpod. It seems the folks at Brightpod have been especially busy to provide a project management platform that caters to agencies (but can be used by anyone). The features we were after may not be as important to your company, but what won us over were three winning features: workflows (with editorial calendar), recurring tasks, and Dropbox/Google Drive integration!

The platform isn't strictly for projects, you can also manage, collaborate and schedule content to be published with Brightpod.

Brightpod is also very affordable, starting at $19 per month for 10 pods and 6 users!


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    Seems to be a nice tool. I will surely try this but these days I am using proofhub. This is the easiest tool I have ever used.

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