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About a year ago, we had a client call us and they were frantic. They deleted a user from their system and that user owned all of the content so the content was deleted as well. The content was was gone. Months of work to populate the site… all gone in a heartbeat. Our engagement was just to build out their theme, not manage the actual hosting and implementation. As a result, we only had a theme backup… the lost content was stored in the database. Of course, they had no database backup method nor did their hosting company.

Ever since then, we’ve made absolutely sure that, regardless of our engagement with the client, that they have appropriate security and backups available for their site. Many rely on their IT team or hosting… but we often find that those backups are limited to either files or data – but often not both.

CodeGuard provides automatic website backup solution via Software as a Service, and makes the magic happen! He is the one behind the scenes who tirelessly monitors your site and makes sure that it is safe. If CodeGuard finds any changes on your site, he will take a new backup and also fire off a quick email to you.

  • Solve problems faster – Using CodeGuard’s innovative ChangeAlerts, you will reduce the unbillable time spent identifying root causes of issues created by your clients. With one-click restore, you will also dramatically decrease the time needed to remediate these issues, after the root causes have been identified.
  • Protect your clients – Often, clients are their own worst enemy without even realizing it. The unfortunate truth is that file deletions, overwrites, and simple human error cause more problems than malicious hackers and malware insertions. With CodeGuard, you can protect your clients from themselves.
  • Protect your bottom line – Prevent costs from spiraling out of control by establishing clear responsibility for and ownership of the issues your clients present to you. Convert unbillable hours into profitable work by getting client agreement that you are remediating issues that were created outside of your control.
  • Increase your revenue – Add an additional revenue stream to your business that will never let you down. Reselling to clients is easy. (i) Simply activate their website when you first build it or need to make an update. (ii) Add CodeGuard as a line item, and if needed, show your client our video to explain why they need it.

CodeGuard uses platform agnostic technology in order to support a wide range of content management systems and applications. This allows CodeGuard to backup almost any kind of site or database, including WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, Drupal, phpBB and MySQL.

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