Why Buyers Are Underwhelmed by B2B E-Commerce Personalization (And How To Fix It)

Customer experience has long been, and continues to be, a top priority for B2B businesses on their journey toward digital transformation. As part of this shift toward digital, B2B organizations face a complex challenge: the need to ensure both consistency and quality across the online and offline purchase experiences. Yet, despite organizations’ best efforts and sizable investments in digital and e-commerce, buyers themselves remain less than impressed with their online purchase journeys. According to recent

Calendly: How To Embed A Scheduling Popup or Embedded Calendar In Your Website or WordPress Site

A few weeks ago, I was on a site and noticed when I clicked a link to schedule an appointment with them that I wasn’t brought to a destination site, there was a widget that published the Calendly scheduler directly in a popup window. This is a great tool… keeping someone on your site is a much better experience than forwarding them to an external page. What is Calendly? Calendly integrates directly with your Google

Hippo Video: Boost Sales Response Rates With Video Selling

My inbox is a mess, I’ll totally admit it. I have rules and smart folders that are focused on my clients and virtually everything else falls by the wayside unless it captures my attention. Some sales pitches that stand out are personalized video emails that have been sent to me. Seeing someone speak to me personally, observing their personality, and quickly explaining the opportunity for me is engaging… and I’m certain that I respond more

Salesflare: The CRM for Small Businesses And Sales Teams Selling B2B

If you’ve spoken to any sales leader, implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a must… and typically also a headache. The benefits of a CRM far outweigh the investment and challenges, though, when the product is easy to use (or customized to your process) and your sales team sees the value and adopts and leverages the technology. As with most sales tools, there’s a huge difference in the features needed for a