Diners Club Interview: Building a Social Brand


Diners Club is a sponsor of Social Media Marketing World and was interviewing some of the speakers yesterday (and will be doing more today). I had the pleasure of speaking with Eduardo Tobon and discussed the advancements that I saw in the online marketing space.

The first question was about corporate blogging and 3 tips that I’d provide. If I were smart, I would have said to buy my Corporate Blogging book :). I don’t believe I fully covered the question so I’ll do that here:

  1. Develop a content strategy and plan for who your target audience is and how you’re going to provide value with your content to them online.
  2. Work with an SEO consultant to help you identify keywords and optimize your blog so that you’re sure to be indexed properly by the search engines.
  3. Develop your path to engagement for readers to go where you want them to go… so from your content, to a call to action, to a well-designed landing page where you can measure the response and convert readers into customers.
    • As for the most exciting advancements, I’m most excited about the advancements of the platforms that are helping marketers deploy, manage and measure their social media and content strategies. As these platforms have become far more advanced, their prices haven’t. We’re seeing prices drop significantly in this field. Many of the most feature-rich platforms are priced between $250 to $1500 per month… within range for most organizations.

      It’s great to see Diners Club diving into social media like this – while just initiating their own social media strategies. Premiere organizations like this have diehard customers and are held up as a status symbol internationally. Sharing the stories of their customers will drive home how their club enhances their members’ lifestyles.

      Watch more of the interviews

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