Same Email Marketing Pains…10 Years Later.


I hit the road last week to visit a Delivra client and speak at the eMarketing Association event in Providence, RI. What I learned is this… email marketers have the same problems they did 10 years ago when I started in this business. Despite the advance of technology and adoption, real-life marketers struggle every day with list building strategies, engagement, measurement, deliverability , open rates and other fundamental tactics of email. I was on a panel about basic list building strategies and the room was filled… standing room only!

The great news, in comparison to where we were 10 years ago, is that there's a huge wealth of knowledge, statistics and expertise to help solve these problems. More often than not, what I,ve found is that email marketers are smart, really smart. They have the knowledge and strategy to create great email campaigns; they just need better resources whether that be money, staff or time.

I'm curious to find out from this group… what are the main obstacles you're facing with your own email programs? Is it:

What do you think?

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