Email Marketing Statistics

Email Marketing Statistics

Email continues to lead the nurturing and retention strategy of virtually every business online. It’s affordable, it’s easy to implement, it’s measurable, and it’s effective. However, if organizations abuse this medium, it will have repercussions.

Unsolicited spam is out of control and too many businesses continue to violate the terms of service of email providers and import lists. By doing this, they’re degrading the email reputation of their business and emails to opted-in, valuable subscribers aren’t being seen. They’re going directly to the junk folder.

According to this infographic, Email Marketing by the Numbers: A Smart Investment, from Campaign Monitor, here are the latest statistics on email marketing:

  • As of 2018, over 3.8 billion people worldwide use email. That’s half the world’s population!
  • Users often have more than one email address, the average is 1.75.
  • Users send a collective 281.1 billion emails daily, 195 million every minute.
  • Five countries (China, United States, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia) accounted for half of the world’s email spam.
  • The average email click-through rate (CTR) in North America is 3.1%, it’s 4.19% in the United Kingdom.

Perhaps the most important email statistic shared: consumers who come to your site and make a purchase via an email link spend, on average, 138% more than other customers!

Here’s the full infographic from the team at Campaign Monitor:

email marketing statistics infographic

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