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EveryoneSocial: Turn Your Employees into a Social Amplifier

A couple years ago, we actually went down the road of trying to build an application to harness our employees to amplify our social media presence. As with most agencies, our actual client work got in the way – but we still think it’s an awesome idea. Too bad for us, EveryoneSocial has built an incredible application that does this and much, much more.

The EveryoneSocial platform has some key features:

  • Manage Your Employees – Assign employees to groups, define milestones, set permissions, and get reporting on their activity
  • Push Your Own, Original Content — Push your employees your own content including blog posts, promotions, press releases, videos, and status updates
  • Trending Content At Your Fingertips — Easily source trending news articles, blog posts, and videos to share with your employees
  • Keep Your Brand Front and Center — Any content your employees share (incl. curated content) carries your organization’s branding and a call to action
  • Leader Boards Keep Them Engaged — Automatically generate and send a leader board email to your advocates that ranks them based on activity
  • Analytics On Everything — Clearly understand who is sharing what content, to which networks, and what engagement it’s driving for your organization
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How Communications Platforms Drive Customer Engagement

How Communications Platforms Drive Customer Engagement

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