EveryoneSocial: Turn Your Employees into a Social Amplifier

EveryoneSocial: Employee Advocacy and Social Selling

EveryoneSocial is the leading employee advocacy and social selling platform that provides its customers with an average of 1,750 connections per employee, 200% increase in sales pipelines, 48% bigger deal sizes, 4x increase in brand awareness, and at one-tenth the cost of paid social media programs.

Why Employee Advocacy?

Every company has a powerful, untapped resource with the potential to amplify marketing, drive sales & energize HR; the voice and networks of your employees. Simply put, employees have 5x more reach than your corporate accounts and their followers are 7x more likely to convert.

EveryoneSocial boasts the highest user engagement rates in the industry. Employees stay engaged and excited about content through a platform and program that contains personalized content feeds, gamification, leaderboards, and mobile applications.

EveryoneSocial features include:

  • Manage Your Employees – Assign employees to groups, define milestones, set permissions, and get reporting on their activity
  • Push Your Own, Original Content — Push your employees your own content including blog posts, promotions, press releases, videos, and status updates
  • Trending Content At Your Fingertips — Easily source trending news articles, blog posts, and videos to share with your employees
  • Keep Your Brand Front and Center — Any content your employees share (incl. curated content) carries your organization's branding and a call to action
  • Leader Boards Keep Them Engaged — Automatically generate and send a leader board email to your advocates that ranks them based on activity
  • Mobile, Web, email interfaces – Branded and 3rd party content
  • Social Listening – monitor people, companies, social posts, press announcements, etc. to stay on top of your competitors, customers, partners, and any other relevant parties.
  • Social Selling – Provide your salespeople with the content and tools they need to connect with buyers across social media and other digital channels. EveryoneSocial is a complete social selling solution used by leading sales teams at Dell, Adobe, ADP, and Genesys.
  • Analytics On Everything — Clearly understand who is sharing what content, to which networks, and what engagement it's driving for your organization

EveryoneSocial is fully integrated with Bit.ly, Hubspot, Adobe Analytics, Marketo, Slack, Yammer, Eloqua, Sharepoint, Google Analytics, and Salesforce.

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