A List of 29 Free Digital Marketing Tools

free digital marketing tools

Flora Pang is maintaining a robust List of Free Marketing Tools by Flora Pang that you’ve got to check out. The tools cover:

  • Free Search Engine Optimization Tools – including keyword research, site checkup and analysis, backlink investigation, keyword density, site crawlability, and duplicate content.
  • Free Paid Search and Pay Per Click Tools – including landing page optimization.
  • Free Social Media Tools – including social listening, social scheduling, and social analytics.
  • Free Content Marketing Tools – including content curation, writing productivity and text analyzers.
  • Free Public Relations and Outreach Tools – including influencer identification.

My only advice when utilizing free tools is that while some may appear incredibly useful, they’re often out of date. More often than not, we see this with auditing tools online. They indicate major problems sometimes on a site – like compliant code – but don’t even touch on some other critical gaps – like responsive layouts that are user-friendly on mobile devices. The old adage is quite accurate with tools… you get what you pay for.

Free Online Marketing Tools


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    Thanks. Bookmarked.
    Here’s a tip from me in return – SendPulse email marketing service. I use it on my blog. The free plan let’s me send a total of 15000 free emails to 2500 unique addresses each month. Feature set is comparable to Mailchimp’s but there’s a lot less restrictions and limitations on a free plan. They also have a free webpush service. Check it out.

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    Great Article! At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. I have used a tool called AeroLeads and it’s really helped a lot for my business growth.

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