The Future Isn’t Jobless and Never Has Been

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The paranoia regarding the future of artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation really needs to stop. Every industrial and technical revolution in history opened humans up to unlimited opportunities for applying their talent and creativity. It’s not that certain jobs don’t disappear – of course they do. But those jobs are replaced by new jobs.

As I look around my office today and review our work, it’s all new! I watch and present on our AppleTV, we listen to music on our Amazon Echo, we’ve developed multiple mobile apps for clients, we have infographic programs for clients, this week we helped two major clients with complex organic search issues, I’m publishing this on a content management system, and we’re promoting the articles via social media.

The fact is, I never dreamed even 15 years ago that I’d have my own digital marketing agency and would be helping clients navigate marketing online. The path to the future isn’t getting thinner and thinner, it’s opening up wider and wider! Each stage of automation simply enables a new stage of evolution and innovation. While we do a ton of ideation and creative work for our clients, much of our day is spent moving data, setting up systems, and executing. If we’re able to minimize those elements, we can create so much more.

I believe our challenge, especially in the United States, is that we’re educating and preparing our students for jobs that are going extinct. We need a totally new system to prepare next generations to hit the ground running on these new technologies.

For the last month, as an example, I’ve been helping my daughter with her HTML homework. I’ve been teaching her CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. But, as a PR professional, these talents are useless. Understanding them is one thing, but the chances of my daughter ever writing a line of code in her career are minimal. She’ll be utilizing content management systems. I wish her lessons were an overview of the technology and understanding of how marketing platforms integrate with one another so she understood the capabilities of those systems… not how to build them.

Colonial Life developed this infographic, 15 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago. As you review the list of jobs and the average salaries, take note of how many are in digital media!


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