Take a Break

Infographic: Take a Break

I don't know about you, but being in the marketing tech world always has me in front of the computer or at my desk. Apparently, that's not very good for our bodies, according to research done by Learnstuff.com.

People generally blink about 18 times per minute. But when you're staring at a computer screen, you're only apt to blink about 7 times, which could lead to Computer Vision Syndrome. 9 out of 10 people who spend more than 2 continuous hours staring at the computer screen, and using a mouse for more than 20 hours a week increases your risk of  carpal tunnel syndrome by 200%. All in all, seems like staring at a computer screen is NOT good for our health.

But taking a break can greatly help our sleep, eyes, backs, and overall disposition. Check out some of the other information on this cool infographic for how to protect your health when working at a computer all day!

TAKE-A-BREAK Infographic


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    Hi jenn,I know this is kind of off here, but may I know who’s infograph’s illustrator for this particular entry? Thanks a lot !

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