How to Leverage Instagram To Grow Your Business

There’s nothing quite as visual as the life of a hairstylist! One of our clients is Stylie, full-featured salon software targeting independent hairstylists. Our team loves the creative freedom in managing this client and have found Instagram central to their entire marketing strategy. In fact, it’s driving a ton of attention to their platform. Be sure to follow Stylie on Instagram:

Why is Instagram working so well for Stylie and their clients? Is Stylie making all kinds of deals and promoting their platform’s features? No. Instagram is a social media platform for a highly visual and creative audience. Stylie continues to share their community’s greatest work and inspire their hard-working clients. Their Instagram followers have turned into an international community. Now when Stylie attends regional events for salons and stylists, there’s always a line of fans at their booth.

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How do they do it? It’s not complicated, summed up in this infographic Instagram for Independent Hairstylists.

4 Tips to Getting Started on Instagram!

  • Have clear goals for using Instagram – choose 1 or 2 goals so that your account has clear focus and your contnet stays on target. You don’t want to confuse followers by being unpredictable and all over the board.
  • Optimize your Instagram profile – Your profile functions both as a gallery and your home page. Share a bit of info and a link back to your website. Instagram doesn’t allow links in the actual posts.
  • Know your Instagram audience – what topics are they interested in? What fears, anxieties, questions, fun, obstacles and experiences do they want to see?
  • Frequent and consistent Instagram posts – are essential! Most brands average 1.5 posts per day and increased frequency has had no impact on lower engagement.

Don’t Forget Hashtags on Instagram!

One tip I’d add is using hashtags in your Instagram posts. Instagram is about the only social media platform where hashtags are both used excessively and have a great impact. Some users will utilize over 10 hashtags on every post! Rather than annoying followers, you’ll be genuinely surprised by how many Instagram users will find and subscribe to you after discovering you via hashtag. Don’t forget to check out our list of hashtag research tools.

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