Here’s a Great List of Instagram Story Examples and Case Studies

Case Studies for Instagram Stories

We’ve shared a previous article, Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Stories, but how are brands utilizing them to drive marketing and sales? According to #Instagram, 1 in 3 of the most viewed Stories are from businesses

Instagram Story Statistics:

  • 300 million users actively use stories on a daily basis on Instagram.
  • Over 50% of businesses on Instagram made an Instagram story.
  • Over 1/3 of Instagram users watch Instagram stories every day.
  • 20% of stories posted by businesses resulted in direct interaction with the user.
  • 1 million active advertisers have access to Instagram Story Ads.
  • Businesses have boosted engagement by nearly 20% when hosting an employee or influencer on their Instagram Story for a few days.

So how are brands putting Instagram Stories to work for them? Here are 7 ways that brands are utilizing stories to increase awareness, engagement, and sales with Instagram users:

  1. Product Promotion – 36% of all stories directly promote the sale of a product or service.
  2. An Inside Look – 22% of all stories provide access to content not seen anywhere else.
  3. Influencer Takeover – 14% of all stories use an Influencer to promote a product or service.
  4. Live Event – 10% of all stories are of a live event taking place.
  5. How To – 5% of all stories are how-to videos.
  6. Fan Content – 4% of all stories include reviews and customer testimonials.
  7. Contests – 2% of all Instagram stories are about internal contests.
  8. Other – 7% of Instagram stories are other story types.

99firms created this incredible infographic, How Businesses Use Instagram Stories – 30 Case Studies, so you can learn more about how other businesses use Stories to give voice and personality to their brand. Brands include Mercedes-Benz, DriveNow, Enel, AirPlay,, Country Road, Tokopedia, HiSmile, McDonald’s, Asos, CoverGirl, Lego, Michael Kors, E! News, Maybelline, Twitter, Nordstrom Rack, Brunch Boys, NASA, Buffer, Airbnb, MSNBC, Furthermore, Glossier, IBM, Whole Food, Spy Valley Wines, MAC Cosmetics, Brit + Co, National Geographic, Reebok, Adidas, Aldo, Ulta, Sephora, Lowe’s, American Eagle, Old Navy, and Gap.

Instagram Story Case Studies

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