5 Reasons to Justify Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

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This week I was reading a post from a digital marketing agency on why you should hire them. The first and foremost reason was digital marketing expertise. I’m not sure I agree with that at all – the majority of companies we work with that have a marketing department in place have incredible expertise and we often learn from them just as they’re learning from us.

5 reasons to justify hiring a digital marketing agency

  • Bureaucracy – a digital agency doesn’t have to worry about internal politics, budget issues, hiring/firing, and other areas of focus that a marketer employed at a business needs to be concerned with. A digital agency is hired with specific goals and they need to meet those goals, otherwise the relationship is ended. While the agency may cost more per hour than the employees do, the time spent focusing on the job at hand makes up for the difference.
  • Access – since Highbridge works with over a dozen recurring clients, we’re able to license enterprise software and spread the cost across our clients. One simple reporting application we have that all of our clients love costs several thousand dollars per seat… but we purchase 20 seats and provide the reporting as part of our consultation package.
  • Results – our engagements come with a 30 day notice with no questions asked. Our clients can pause or end the relationship at any time if they’re not getting the results they need. If you hire a team, the employer is responsible for the hiring, training, monitoring, and possible firing of the employee. With a digital marketing agency, that’s their responsibility – not yours. If they don’t perform, you find another agency without all the headaches.
  • Efficiency – Because we develop strategies across clients at different stages in their sophistication, we’re able to test with one client and roll out the strategies to all of our clients. That minimizes the risk and ensures improved results, shortened timelines, and reduces overall costs while increasing results.
  • Gaps – Sometimes we work with companies who are outstanding at one or two strategies, so their efforts are continuously pushing in one direction. If you’re an email guru, email winds up being your top strategy for producing results. You don’t have the time to learn and experiment with other strategies so you put your focus where you know you’ll get results. Hiring an agency provides you the opportunity to maintain your focus, but identify gaps that the agency can fill.

Hubris is rampant within large organizations. With the monetary resources, there’s always someone asking Why can’t we just hire someone and do it ourselves? With the digital landscape constantly adjusting and agencies having to roll with the changes, companies suffer from resource issues, inadequate tools, unperfected processes and other issues internal preventing them from properly executing the strategies they wish to either test or perfect.

The greatest athletes have a lot in common – they hire nutritionalists, Doctors, agility specialists, coaches, and other resources to help them achieve greatness. Hiring a digital agency can absolutely help you ramp up quicker, execute faster, and produce amazing results that can’t be matched internally. Hiring an agency should help your company achieve digital marketing greatness.

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    I would ad a ‘hear hear’ and a thumbs up to the list above.

    At People Productions, we have seen with many of our corporate clients how they come to us not only for the reasons listed above, but also because the relationships we establish with each other. When the client leaves the corporation, they don’t have to reinvent the relationship – they often carry us to their next company. This allows them to shortcut the trust building and we can often start right back up again.

    This foundation allows us to dig into new strategies and tactics with the new company, while leveraging the working relationship to shortcut the dual learning curves of a new client AND a new contact. This also allows the client to look like a rock star, achieving great results quickly.

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