Krisp: Cancel Background Noise On Your Conference Calls

Krisp AI Background Noise Cancellation

My week is full of podcast recordings and conference calls. It seems the more often than not, these calls have a few folks on there that are incapable of finding a quiet spot. It honestly drives me crazy.

Enter Krisp, a platform that reduces background noise. Krisp adds an additional layer between your physical microphone/speaker and conferencing apps, which doesn’t let any noise pass through.

Based on 20,000 different noises, 50,000 speakers, and 2,500 hours of audio, Krisp learned and developed a neural network called krispNet DNN. They enhanced it by adding our secret sauce, and the result is magical audio processing that can recognize and remove any noise.

Krisp is privacy centric, as well, since all audio processing happens directly on your device.

Where Background Noise Cancellation Is Useful:

  • Professionals working from home or public workspaces
  • Online teachers can enjoy noise-free productive remote classes with students
  • Podcasters can record high-quality noise-free podcasts for your audience
  • Remote teams can have noise-free meetings
  • Call centers can increase agent productivity when they work from home (HBA) or from open office

Krisp can be deployed securely at an enterprise level or integrated into your platforms and devices using their SDK. In fact, Krisp® AI-powered voice technology software is integrated into more than 100 million devices and has already improved over 10 billion minutes of voice communications.

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