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Google: Subdomain or Subfolder for Multi-Language

Within Google Search Console, there are several options for handling querystring parameters. One of the options on these is making a language indicator. To date, I always thought that this would be the best means of providing multilanguage support to a website so that Google could distinguish which pages were developed for what language. It appears I’m wrong, though, after our SEO analyst, Nikhil Raj, found this little side note in a recent Google video on parameters.

The best practice is to place languages in subdirectory or subfolder rather than parameter to help search engines more easily understand site structure.

At 11:35 in the video below, Maile Ohye makes the recommendation (not a requirement).

With that in mind, if you have a WordPress site, check out WPML – a comprehensive Multi-language WordPress integration with the following features:

  1. Multilingual content
  2. Comments translation
  3. Standard translation controls
  4. Automatic ID adjust
  5. Browser language detection
  6. Translation management
  7. Theme and plugins localization
  8. CMS navigation
  9. Sticky links
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