MailButler: Finally, An Assistant for Apple Mail that Rocks!


As I write this, I’m currently in mail hell. I have 1,021 unread emails and my non-response is running over into direct messages via social media, phone calls, and text messages. I send about 100 emails and receive about 200 emails every day. And that’s not including subscriptions to newsletters that I love. My inbox is out of control and inbox zero is as realistic to me as a pink dinosaur.

I’ve deployed a ton of tools to assist and I’ve always been disappointed, tossing them all and returning to Apple Mail whose flags, filters, and VIP lists are fingers that I use to plug the dam. It’s not enough, though. I’m still frustrated. I want to manage the wave of requests better. And I know that for every few hundred emails, there’s always a nugget of opportunity in a couple that I should be on top of.

About a week ago, Thaddeus Rex, a brand expert that works with us on clients who may or may not have witnessed me openly weeping in front of my inbox, let me know about MailButler. Unlike many third party platforms that inspect or take over your inbox, MailButler is an add-on that integrates seamlessly with Apple Mail. It’s so good that Apple should really just snap this company up and add these features by default.

MailButler Features

  • Snooze – By snoozing an email you will temporarily make it disappear out of your Inbox.
  • Tracking – Let you know if the recipient has actually opened your email. This is a fantastic tool for business development professionals seeing if a prospect opened their intro or proposal email.
  • Scheduling – Schedule your emails to be sent at a specific date and time in the future.
  • Undo Send – For some time you can undo the sending of the email and correct potential mistakes.
  • Signatures – create beautiful email signatures by selecting between their various templates.
  • Cloud Upload – MailButler automatically uploads big file attachments to the cloud and adds the corresponding links to your message instead.
  • Attachment Reminder – Never forget to attach a file to a message again that you mentioned in the message text.
  • Avatar Images – With MailButler the sender of an email can be spotted easily by their colorful avatar image.
  • Direct Inbox – Access your most-frequently used mailboxes right from the menu bar – one-click away from everywhere
  • Emojis – Those charming little icons that are part of modern communication … now in emails, too.
  • Unsubscribe – MailButler makes it easier than never before to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters: One click!

Here’s a shot of how simple theMailButler scheduling works. One of the features I love is that it maintains my last setting – so I have Next Business Day at 8:00 AM. This is great because I don’t really care for people seeing that I’m responding to their email at 2:48 AM, heh.

mailbutler scheduling

MailButler Upcoming Features

  • Tasks – Mark your emails as to-do items to never forget about important tasks again.
  • Inbox Pause – Have a break, have MailButler: Automatically disable certain email accounts based on your working hours.
  • Quote – Quickly share a quote from an email message in other applications or services.
  • Giphy – With MailButler you have direct access to a trazillion animated images to better express yourself.

Install MailButler for FREE!

I’m absolutely thrilled that MailButler has the Inbox Pause feature under development. Too many times we receive late night emails from clients with requests that we jump on. It’s not that we don’t want to be responsive, but we’re often training our clients that they can practically connect with us any time of the day or night… not a great practice since we’re not a support department. I’d rather pause receiving emails until the following business day. Our clients that may have an emergency can always call us.

Disclosure: I’m using my referral link in the post in the hopes that a ton of you install and pay for the service and I can get it for free! 🙂

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