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  • Marketing by Consensus

    From Harmony to Innovation: The Surprising Impact of Consensus in Marketing

    Tomorrow, I’m meeting with my leadership team to reach a consensus on our next campaign strategy focused on attendees at a national retail marketing event. I would have groaned early in my career if I was asked to facilitate such a meeting. As a young, spirited, and talented individual, I wanted to be provided the freedom and accountability to make…

  • What does a digital marketer do? A day in the life of infographic

    What Does A Digital Marketer Do?

    Digital marketing is a multifaceted domain that transcends traditional marketing tactics. It demands expertise in various digital channels and the ability to connect with the audience in the digital sphere. A digital marketer’s role is to ensure the brand’s message is disseminated effectively and resonates with its target audience. This necessitates strategic planning, execution, and constant monitoring. In digital marketing,…

  • Telling, Showing, vs. Involving for Professional Development

    Telling, Showing, Versus Involving: A Guide for Marketing Professional Development

    I’ve been writing about professional development of new marketing professionals recently because I believe: Job opportunities are declining because traditional marketing education cannot keep up with the latest technological advancements in our industry. Job opportunities will decline as fundamental jobs are enhanced or replaced by AI. Developing professional skills is paramount for staying competitive and innovative in marketing. Understanding the…

  • Tips for New Marketers

    Tips for New Marketers From This Ol’ Veteran

    The journey from a novice to a seasoned professional is both exhilarating and challenging. With the integration of digital technologies and the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) reshaping the landscape, marketers today must be adept not only at traditional strategies but also at leveraging the latest tools and platforms. If you’ve recently read about my move into the AI industry,…

  • Date Time Systems - Calculations, Display, Time Zones, etc.

    What Time Is It? How Our Systems Display, Calculate, Format, and Synchronize Dates and Times

    That sounds like a simple question, but you’d be surprised at how complex the infrastructure provides you with an accurate time. When your users exist across time zones or even travel across time zones while using your systems, there’s an expectation that everything works seamlessly. But it’s not simple. Example: You have an employee in Phoenix who needs to schedule…

  • What is a Wiki?

    What is a Wiki?

    A wiki is a collaborative platform or website that allows users to create, edit, and organize content collectively. The term wiki comes from the Hawaiian word wiki-wiki, which means fast or quick. This name was chosen to emphasize the ease and speed with which information can be shared and updated on these platforms. The concept was coined by Ward Cunningham…

  • How to Analyze and Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

    How to Analyze, Measure, Reduce, and Recover Shopping Cart Abandonment

    I’m always surprised when I meet a client with an online checkout process and how few have tried to purchase from their own site! One of our new clients had a site they invested a ton of money into, and it’s five steps to get from the product page to the shopping cart. It’s a miracle that anyone is making…

  • What is Change Management?

    What is Change Management?

    Technological advancements, shifting customer demands, and fluctuating economic conditions are the norm rather than the exception in business. The ability to adapt and evolve has become a critical determinant of success. Change management has emerged as a necessity in this context, serving as the linchpin enabling organizations to navigate these tumultuous waters with agility and resilience. As technologies evolve at…

  • Tiger Woods: Amplifying Strengths vs Addressing Weaknesses

    The Strategic Choice: Amplifying Strengths vs. Addressing Weaknesses

    In business, just as in sports, whether to concentrate on enhancing one’s strengths or mitigating weaknesses is a recurrent theme. This debate transcends industries and professions, touching the core of personal development strategies. A quintessential example of this principle in action is the legendary golfer, Tiger Woods. Woods’ career offers invaluable insights into how focusing on strengths while strategically addressing…

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