Clarity: Free Heatmaps and Session Recordings for Website Optimization

Microsoft Clarity: Free Heatmaps and Session Recordings for Website Optimization

As we designed and developed a custom Shopify theme for our online dress shop, we wanted to ensure that we designed an elegant and simple ecommerce site that didn’t confuse or overwhelm their customers. One example of our design testing was a more information block which had additional details about the products. If we published the section in the default region, it would significantly push down the price and add to cart button. However, if we published the information below, the visitor may miss that there were additional details.

We decided on making a toggle section aptly named More Information. However, when we published it on the site, we immediately noticed that visitors weren’t clicking on the section to expand it. The fix was quite subtle… a tiny indicator next to the section title. Once it was implemented, we watched our heatmaps and saw that an overwhelming number of visitors now interacted with the toggle.

Had we not been recording sessions and producing heatmaps, we wouldn’t have been able to identify the issue nor test the solution. Heatmapping is an imperative when you’re developing any type of website, ecommerce site, or application. That said, heatmapping solutions can get quite expensive. Most are based on the number of visitors or sessions that you wish to track or record.

Thankfully, a giant in our industry has a free solution available. Microsoft Clarity. Just insert the Clarity tracking code in your site or via your Tag Management platform and you’re up and running within hours as sessions are captured. Even better, Clarity has a Google Analytics integration… putting a convenient link to session playbacks within your Google Analytics dashboard! Clarity creates a custom dimension called the Clarity Playback URL with a subset of page views. Side note… at this time, you can only add one web property to integrate with Clarity.

Microsoft Clarity provides the following features…

Instant Heatmaps

Generate heatmaps automatically for all your pages. See where people click, what they ignore, and how far they scroll.

Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps

Session Recordings

Watch how people use your site with session recordings. Explore what’s working, learn what needs to be improved, and test out new ideas.

Microsoft Clarity Session Recordings

Insights and Segments

Quickly discover where users get frustrated and turn these problems into opportunities.

Microsoft Clarity Insights and Segments

Clarity is GDPR and CCPA ready, doesn’t utilize sampling, and is built on open source. Best of all you’ll enjoy all the features of Clarity at absolutely zero cost. You’ll never run into traffic limits or be forced to upgrade to a paid version… it’s forever free!

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