Mcommerce is Now Growing 200% Faster than Ecommerce

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Do you remember the first item that you purchased on your mobile device? I'm not quite sure when I made my first mobile purchase, I'm guessing it was either through the Amazon or Starbucks mobile application. Mobile purchasing had a couple of limitations – one was the ease of use and technology, the other was simply trusting the transaction. Mobile purchases are now becoming second nature, though, and the statistics from Coupofy prove it.

In fact, while e-commerce is expected to grow by 15%, mobile commerce is expected to grow by 31% in 2017!

Around the globe, Japan, United Kingdom and South Korea lead growth with nearly 50% year over year. Australia and Netherlands have grown mobile commerce by 35%.

In 2015, the top five companies that saw the most growth in mobile commerce are GOME Electrical Appliances with 634%, Nebraska Furniture Mart with 500%, Yihaodian with 456%, VIPShop Holdings with 451% and HappiGo with 389%.

The largest mobile commerce providers in the US are TicketMaster, Apple, Target, QVC and Kohl's (in that order). Surprisingly, Amazon isn't yet in the top 5! All of these merchants have seen around 50% growth in mobile traffic and sales. On a global scale, the e-commerce leader eBay continues to focus on making it easier for consumers to shop on smartphones and tablets as the value of purchases from these devices grew 21% each year.

Average Order Value per Cart is still Higher with Tablet Users

The average order value of a tablet shopper is $100 while a shopper from a smartphone conversion is $85 on average. Also, mobile shoppers from an Android smartphone are known to have their order value 22% lower than their iOS counterparts. However, there are three times more shoppers on Android devices. That's more than enough to ensure your experience works across iOS and Android.

Mobile Commerce Growth 2016

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