What Works in Mobile Rich Media Advertising?

rich media mobile advertising

Mobile growth is unrelenting and indisputable. However, within the realm of mobile marketing strategies, the wave of high bandwidth smartphones are bringing some lucrative results when it comes to rich media advertising.

This infographic from Celtra reflects engagement data from nearly 60 handset and tablet campaigns across 4 industries: entertainment, retail, finance and auto. Key metrics include: Engagement rates, expand and click-through rates, an in-depth look at ad feature performance for mobile rich media campaigns.

Highlights of the sampling:

  • Among ad formats, more than 2/3 (67 percent) were expandable animated banners, making it the most popular ad format. The remaining 1/3 of the ads were split between interstitials (21 percent) and animated banners (12 percent)
  • Interestingly, there were more iOS (55 percent) ads than Android (45 percent) but Android adoption continues to rise and Celtra expects that these numbers will shift in the coming months.
  • Engagement rates for mobile rich media ads average in the double-digits (12.8 percent) with video and gaming experiences being the most engaging.
  • Gaming experiences are highly effective for entertainment with (16.6 percent) of users responding to a gaming element.
  • Users are engaging with social media through mobile ads and sharing branded content. (8.7 percent) share on Facebook and (12.6 percent) Tweet. In addition, brands are increasingly integrating newer social media services such as Instagram, foursquare and Pinterest.
  • Direct response features are present in most ads. A click to an external service, such as app store, or website is almost always included in an ad.

celtra mobile infographic

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