Clarity: Free Heatmaps and Session Recordings for Website Optimization

As we designed and developed a custom Shopify theme for our online dress shop, we wanted to ensure that we designed an elegant and simple ecommerce site that didn’t confuse or overwhelm their customers. One example of our design testing was a more information block which had additional details about the products. If we published the section in the default region, it would significantly push down the price and add to cart button. However, if

Aspire: The Influencer Marketing Platform For High-Growth Shopify Brands

If you’re an avid reader of Martech Zone, you know that I have mixed feelings on influencer marketing. My view of influencer marketing isn’t that it doesn’t work… it’s that it needs to be implemented and tracked well. There are a few reasons why: Purchase Behavior – Influencers may build brand awareness, but not necessarily convince a visitor to actually make a purchase. That’s a tough predicament… where the influencer may not be properly compensated

Shoutcart: A Simple Way To Buy Shoutouts From Social Media Influencers

Digital channels continue to grow at a rapid rate, a challenge to marketers everywhere as they decide what to promote and where to promote their products and services online. As you look to reach new audiences, there are traditional digital channels like industry publications and search results… but there are also influencers. Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity because influencers have carefully grown and curated their audience and followers over time. Their audience has

ConvertMore: Convert More Website Visits With This Phone Callback Widget

As you view your site’s analytics, one thing you’re always seeking to do is to increase the conversions of visitors. Content and a great user experience can drive engagement on a site, but that doesn’t necessarily bridge the gap between engagement and actually driving the conversion. When people want to connect personally with you, are you enabling them to? We have a couple of clients now we’re implementing automated calendaring widgets where visitors can self-serve

PowerChord: Centralized Local Lead Management and Distribution for Dealer-Distributed Brands

The larger brands get, the more moving parts appear. Brands sold through a network of local dealers have an even more complex set of business goals, priorities, and online experiences to consider — from the brand perspective down to the local level. Brands want to be easily discovered and purchased. Dealers want new leads, more foot traffic, and increased sales. Customers want a frictionless information gathering and purchase experience — and they want it fast.