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If your company is investing in the development of content, you’ll find standard analytics nothing less than frustrating. Here are a few reasons… authors, categories, publication dates and tagging. There are specific questions you get asked by your company that you simply can’t answer:

  • What content that we published this month performed the best?
  • What author drives the most traffic to our site?
  • What tags are most popular?
  • What categories of content are most popular? partners with digital publishers to provide clear audience insights through an intuitive analytics platform. Thousands of writers, editors, site managers, and technologists already use to understand what content draws in website visitors, and why.’s dashboards and APIs are used by customers to build successful digital strategies that allow them to grow and engage a loyal audience. breaks down the performance of your content into easily digestable dashboards, including an overview, author performance, device, historical views, post performance, section performance, and referrers. You can also generate and send reports.’s features include:

  • Content Dashboards –’s awesome real-time content dashboards are now trusted by the staff of over 700 of the web’s highest-traffic sites, including TechCrunch and The Intercept. It supports a slew of metrics out-of-the-box, such as views, visitors, time, and shares.
  • API –’s API summarizes information about traffic and content for the purposes of quickly providing a way to provide on-site content links; traffic snapshots for quick data exports; or simple integrations of traffic data with existing content management systems. It’s an integration tool for rapidly infusing existing sites, apps, and reports with data — including our real-time traffic data.
  • Data Pipeline –’s Data Pipeline is the ultimate API, delivering the raw data about your sites, apps, and users, with minimal fuss and maximum flexibility. It’s a rich way to unlock 100% of the data behind’s analytics, and analyze it for your own organization’s needs. It is generic, and can support custom events of all kinds. Interested in measuring scroll depth, on-site share actions, content recommendation clicks, viewable ad impressions, or newsletter subscriptions? Each of these can be modeled as a raw event, sent to, and delivered via the Data Pipeline.

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