How NOT to Pitch to an Influencer, Blogger, or Journalist

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I received this email from a public relations professional to see if I would blog about their customer on the Martech Zone. This is the entire email, followed by her contact information and phone number.

[Client Name] is expanding its international business and services by acquiring a UK-based multimedia service provider next week, further strengthening its global footprint and reaching new markets.

Through this acquisition [Client Name], known for producing unrivaled multimedia experiences for brands worldwide, will launch into the European market to strengthen the company’s regional client support in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. Currently supporting entertainment media initiatives in-stores, online and on device in 70 countries, [Client Name] serves clients such as Starbucks Coffee®.

For more information, please see the Business Wire press release [Link].

Would you be interested in writing about [Client Name]’s newest acquisition?

Time for a rant dear public relations professional:

  1. First… technically this SPAM violates the CAN-SPAM act. You're soliciting me and you're providing no unsubscribe method in your email (since you disguised it as a personal email). I don't have any business relationship with you, nor have I ever had a relationship with you.
  2. I have no idea who your client is or why I should write about them. Just writing their name doesn't give me any insight into their company, their products or their services.
  3. You didn't tell me who they are buying. What service provider? Why is it relevant to my audience?
  4. Don't send me a link to seek additional information. My time is valuable. Tell me why this news is specifically relevant to my blog and its audience.
  5. Tell me what you'd like me to write about and write it for my audience.
  6. Include images or videos that may be applicable to the story for me to share.
  7. Provide links that you'd like me to share with my readers that will provide them with additional information.

Stop being so lazy and you may get some better results. It's fairly obvious that your email was simply a cut and paste that you're automatically sending to dozens of bloggers. Stop it. Read my post on How to Pitch and Influencer, Blogger or Journalist to see how it's done!


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    It gave me a chuckle since the first thing that came to mind was SPAM. You would think that if you want someone to write about you or your company you would give that person as much information as needed in order to have an idea of what the entity is all about. As this looks like a form message it probably got sent to a lot of other people being asked the same thing. Like I said it made me chuckle. Thanks for that.

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