ResponseTap: Smart Match Intelligent Call Tracking Attribution

ResponseTap Smart Match

Call Intelligence platform, ResponseTap, has developed a new feature, Smart Match, that allows users to see the exact value of each inbound customer call and attribute it to the marketing source, even down to the keyword.

Being able to track the lead source and then assign a revenue and margin value has been a major breakthrough for us. Simon Hoe, Global Head of Digital at Cruise 1st

The tool propels the use of data to optimize campaigns for both in-house marketers and marketing agencies, as well as allowing agencies with call-centric clients to report on exact ROI.

Until now, to connect call revenue to marketing activity required contact centre agents to manually key values into a separate system, or use an integration to their CRM system, which wasn’t always accurate or possible.

Smart Match is the missing piece of the reporting puzzle for marketers. Not only can you optimise campaigns based on how many calls each campaign generated, but you can tailor your approach based on the revenue or profit generated. It’s simple using Smart Match to discover the sources that drive your highest value phone sales. Nick Ashmore, Vice President of Marketing at ResponseTap

Now using Smart Match, marketers can, with zero integration, attribute the phone call sale to every marketing touchpoint that happened before the call.

Call Attribution Reports Include:

  • Acquisition Overview Report – visibility of all your campaigns and marketing activity in one place. Toggle between Campaign, Channel or Medium views for insights into which marketing activity is generating the most calls, revenue and profit.

Smart Match Call Attribution Report

  • Attribution Comparison Report – compare multiple attribution models based on different measures. Discover how call volume, sales revenue and profit differ from one model to another.

Smart Match Call Attribution Comparison Report

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