Improvements in Intelligent Self-Service

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If you’re like me, you despise dealing with customer service. It’s not that I don’t like the people – they do their best. But more often than not, I know more about the problem I’m running into than they do. I hate sitting on the phone on hold for 5 minutes, followed by a discussion for 15 minutes, followed by escalation and more waits and explanations.

Most issues I fix myself, or I turn to my network to assist me. The best customer service, in my opinion, is a highly optimized knowledge-base or FAQ that I can self-service myself with. I’ll spend half a day searching for a solution rather than picking up that damn phone. It seems that others agree.

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Why do we talk about customer service on a Marketing blog? Every social strategy starts with great self-service enablement. When you don’t provide the tools your customers are looking for, the first place they complain is online. That negative chatter can drown out the best of marketing campaigns!

Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog