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organic-seo.jpgTonight I had a beer with good friend and colleague Kristian Andersen. Kristian’s firm is an incredible local resource to many firms both regionally and nationally and Kristian is a personal mentor.

Every conversation I have with Kristian energizes me – and we challenge each other’s understanding of how business works, how Software as a Service works, how social media works… you get the point!

Kristian and I discussed blogging tonight and his firm is content with the platform and strategy they’re utilizing. It’s not that I don’t think they’re doing a great job – Kristian’s team writes incredibly compelling content. What I challenged with Kristian is whether or not the blog is meeting it’s full organic search potential.

That may sound like hoopla, but it’s not. If you’re blogging right now, how do you know if it’s working? In KA’s strategy, they’re thought leaders in the strategic branding, design and marketing space. How do you measure that? It’s actually pretty simple.

Kristian Andersen + Associates is a multi-disciplinary brand and experience design consultancy. We help companies define, articulate and execute brand strategies and user experiences that drive long-term success.

Utilizing Semrush, I identified the posts on KA’s blog that are driving traffic, along with the keywords that the blog is being found for, the rank of the pages in the results, the relative organic search traffic, and the monthly volume of keywords/phrases for each term:

So with thousands of business leaders scouring the Internet for advice and leadership on brand consulting, how is Kristian’s blog gaining momentum in this space? The effort that Kristian’s team is putting into blogging may be paying off for recognition with competitors and clients, but I don’t believe it’s paying off in gaining the trust and authority with the perspective businesses doing research on the web right this second!

The handful of terms that the KA blog is ranking for nets about 1,100 searches per month, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that those terms aren’t relevant to what KA is providing their audience. Searches similar to branding design, brand strategies, and brand consulting net over 10k searches per month.

The question isn’t whether or not you have a great blog, the question is whether or not your blog is reaching its full organic potential. Doing some keyword analysis on the terms that your target audience is looking for will provide you with some statistics on how many times those terms are searched. It will also provide your blog with some direction on terms to utilize in your writing.

Note: Kristian gave me the okay to publish this post – that’s how great the guy is! I think there’s a ton of potential in his blog and I hope that he begins to think about the potential in reaching folks out there that are looking for his firm’s direction and leadership!


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    Hi, what is that Amazon S3 thing?

    I'm aiming to keep my content compelling and relevant, in for the long haul. The very fact that some people spend their waking hours 'priming' their posts for the engines worries me.

    Blogs are personal and business expression, nothing more.

    Really would like to know about that Amazon thing though…

  2. 3

    “Doing some keyword analysis on the terms that your target audience is looking for”

    What do you use to do this?



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    Right on the money, Doug. This is not difficult to grasp and KA sounds like a bright individual. I'm sure they have already started benefiting from your thoughtful recommendations.

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