The Complete B2B Marketing Guide to Slideshare

slideshare marketing strategy

I’m not sure you’ll find a more thorough discussion of the advantages and strategies behind using Slideshare for B2B marketing than The A-to-Z Guide to SlideShare from Feldman Creative. The combination of the complete article and the below infographic are fantastic.

SlideShare targets business users. SlideShare traffic is driven largely by search and social. Over 70% come via direct search. Traffic from business owners is 4X greater than Facebook. Traffic is truly global. More than 50% are from outside the U.S.

There’s an amazing opportunity to leveraging the presentation platform… but according to the new Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 85% of marketers don’t use SlideShare. We use Slideshare and encourage our clients to as well! It’s a fantastic platform for sharing visual content.

Besides the tips provided, I’d like to add one more! When we develop infographics for our clients, we often develop a presentation version of the infographic for use on Slideshare and promotion on the company’s LinkedIn account. Repurposing your informational graphics and even whitepapers for use on Slideshare can expand the reach of content that you’ve worked hard at, increasing the return on investment for it!

Slideshare Marketing Guide


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    I’m flattered and grateful you uncovered my post and infographic, endorsed them with such enthusiasm and shared them with The MTBers. I hope everyone picks up a few pointers, and most importantly, experiments with the SlideShare.

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