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Marketing to Smartwatch Users: Research You Need to Know

Before you read this post, you should know two things about me. I love watches and I’m an Apple fan. Unfortunately, my taste in watches doesn’t quite match the price tags on the works of art that I’d like to have on my wrist – so the Apple Watch was a must. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks so, though. According to NetBase, the Apple Watch beat Rolex in social mentions.

I didn’t have high hopes that the Apple Watch would transform my work or personal life, but I’ve been impressed with the impact it has had. While most of my friends are tethered to their smartphones, I tend to leave my phone nearby and forget about it all day. I’ve filtered out only the applications that I wish to get notified about to the watch. As a result, I’m not reaching for my phone and getting lost in a mire of app notifications for the next hour. That alone has made it a valuable investment for my productivity.

Kentico’s Smartwatch Survey is the 10th installment of its ongoing Kentico Digital Experience Research series. Despite lackluster sales, nearly 60% of respondents would like to eventually own a smartwatch; and 36% plan to do so within the next year.

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Smartwatches represent a unique opportunity in that they can run third-party apps. So while device makers strive to create compelling use cases for the smartwatch, brands and marketers should also keep a close eye on the small screen.

One-third of respondents liked the idea of getting directions, tracking diet and fitness, voice-activated searches, and real-time alerts from an airline, bank or social network through a smartwatch. The Apple Maps and Watch integration is really great… here’s to hoping the quality of maps keeps improving!

Additional Smartwatch Users:

  • 71% of consumers would be okay with select advertising delivered on the smartwatch
  • 70% of consumers believe they will use the smartwatch for personal use only
  • A majority of respondents said they’re most excited about the idea of getting emails and texts on their smartwatch.

Here’s a great infographic that breaks down some of the findings:

Smartwatch Adoption Research from Kentico

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