Free Ebook: Listen Up! Social Listening for Smarter Business

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Do they really like you? It’s not so hard to find out these days.

Social listening is arguably the most significant technology to hit marketing since social media itself. Those of us with a traditional marketing background remember the days when understanding who your customer was and what they thought of you required polls, focus groups, and/or outsourcing tedious research to another firm, all of which took a lot more time and money than we wanted.

Social Listening

These days, the valuable customer and industry insights that used to be expensive, time-consuming and immediately historical is now real-time and easy. Social media monitoring isn't just for marketing: you can listen for industry trends, competitive analysis, product insight, and a host of other use cases. Any time you want to know what other people are saying about something that has to do with your business, social listening is a quick and easy way to find out.

The power of social media is the social network and your content is its fuel!

Our sponsors at Meltwater have released their new e-book, Listen Up: the Definitive Guide to Use Social Listening for Smarter Business written by Leslie Nuccio. Leslie takes a deep dive into social media monitoring.

This comprehensive guide walks businesses through how to drive Word-of-Mouth Marketing, finding out if your customers and prospects really like you, how to keep tabs on the competition, how to identify who's talking about your business, how to find conversations that matter and how to start your own meme! It's over 30 colorful pages packed with humor, fantastic examples, stats, details and information that you can put to use to drive business results right this moment.


You'll learn what social media monitoring is, how to use social media monitoring across your marketing organization and beyond, and why social media marketing matters.

After all, with Twitter users alone sending out an average of 400 billion tweets a day, isn't it worth a digital ear horn?

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