Birdie: AI-Driven Market Research

The firehose of data that social media can provide is unstructured and its difficult to attain meaningful information from it without some kind of intelligence. Birdie turns millions of comments, reviews, and other online conversations into structured, practical consumer insights that help marketing teams make faster, more effective decisions.  Birdie is the industry’s first comprehensive AI-based Insights-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform designed specifically to help CPG brands like Samsung and P&G understand millions of consumers’ opinions, transforming

Spiro: Proactive Sales Engagement Using AI

Spiro utilizes artificial intelligence to give your sales leaders actionable insights and your sales representatives proactive recommendations for next best steps to help prevent lost opportunities and increase sales productivity. Spiro clients report some amazing results, including: The ability to collect 16 times more data The ability for you or your sales team to reach 30% more prospects in the same timeframe. The ability to close 20% more sales deals Benefits of Spiro Include Spiro

Krisp: Cancel Background Noise On Your Conference Calls

My week is full of podcast recordings and conference calls. It seems the more often than not, these calls have a few folks on there that are incapable of finding a quiet spot. It honestly drives me crazy. Enter Krisp, a platform that reduces background noise. Krisp adds an additional layer between your physical microphone/speaker and conferencing apps, which doesn’t let any noise pass through. Based on 20,000 different noises, 50,000 speakers, and 2,500 hours

Beauty Matching Engine: Personalized AI Recommendations That Drive Online Beauty Sales

No-one could have realized the apocalyptic effect COVID-19 would have in our daily lives and the economy and in particular retail with the closure of many leading high street stores. It’s made brands, retailers, and consumers all rethink the future of retailing.  Beauty Matches Engine Beauty Matches Engine™ (BME) is a solution for beauty specific retailers, e-tailers, supermarkets, hairdressers, and brands. BME is an innovative white-labeled AI-based personalization engine that predicts and personalizes the product

Phrasee: Quantify, Generate, and Optimize Copy with AI

Phrasee uses AI-generated language to power copy for global brands and generates new, never-seen-before language in real-time, using natural language generation and deep learning. Phrasee Overview Video Phrasee is AI technology that uses your email subject lines as a language laboratory. Linguistic elements combine to discover a language model that’s tailored to your brand. Then, the AI applies your unique language model across all your marketing campaigns – from email to push, social to display,

7 Ways that AI is Revolutionizing Email Marketing

30% of companies all over the world will be using AI in at least one of the sales processes in 2020. By 2035, AI is expected to drive $14 trillion of additional revenue and a 38% rise in profitability!