Applying AI To Build Out The Perfect Buying Profile and Deliver Personalized Experiences

Reading Time: 3 minutes Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. And this will only become a more important focus as we continue to navigate the complex and volatile COVID-stricken commercial climate. Fortunately, ecommerce is thriving. Unlike physical retail, which has been significantly impacted by pandemic restrictions, online sales are up. During the 2020 festive season, which is typically the busiest shopping period each year, UK online sales were up by

4 Ways Machine Learning Is Enhancing Social Media Marketing

Reading Time: 5 minutes With more people being involved in online social networking every day, social media have become an indispensable part of marketing strategies for businesses of all kinds. There were 4.388 billion internet users worldwide in 2019, and 79% of them were active social users. Global State of Digital Report When used strategically, social media marketing can contribute to a company’s revenue, engagement, and awareness, but simply being on social media does not mean making use of

Utilizing BlueOcean’s Proprietary AI To Unlock Connected Fitness Brand Insights

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every year, especially as we approach the holidays and reflect on the most memorable campaigns of the year, there are countless battles to see which brands have captivated audiences. With the stress and uncertainty that the pandemic brought this year, there’s a new battle, and this time it’s a battle for our health.  As we adapted to doing everything from home, we witnessed how the pandemic propelled the future of fitness. Smart at-home equipment like

The 2021 Digital Communication Trends That Will Boost Your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Enhanced customer experience has become a non-negotiable for businesses that want to attract and retain customers. As the world continues to move into the digital space, new communication channels and advanced data platforms have created opportunities for organisations to improve their customers’ experience and adapt to new ways of doing business. 2020 has been a year full of upheaval, but it’s also been the catalyst for many businesses to finally start embracing digital – whether Remove Image Backgrounds from Headshots, People, and Objects Flawlessly with AI

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re not following Joel Comm, do it. Now. Joel is one of my favorite resources for technology. He’s blunt, honest, and incredibly transparent. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not checking in to what he’s discovered next… and today was a biggy! Joel let everyone know about a new tool online, The tool utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze images with people and then accurately and finitely remove the background.  If