Spamming Laws: A Comparison of US, UK, CA, DE, and AU

As the global economy becomes a reality, treaties are being signed that ensure that each country not only respects the laws of another – they may even be able to take punitive action against companies that violate those laws. One area of focus for any company that’s sending email internationally is understanding the nuances of each country as it refers to email and spam. If you’d like to monitor your inbox placement and reputation internationally,

What is Expressed versus Implied Permission?

Canada is taking a stab at improving its regulations on SPAM and the guidelines that businesses must abide by when sending their email communications with the new Canada Anti-SPAM Legislation (CASL). From deliverability experts that I’ve spoken to, the legislation isn’t all that clear – and personally I think it’s strange that we have national governments interfering with global issues. Imagine when we get a few hundred different governments writing their own legislation… absolutely impossible.