PLANOLY: Meeting The Planning Needs of Social Video Managers

Many organizations are shifting gears to take a video-first approach to social content. Why? Video generates 1200% more shares than image-based and text-based content. WordStream – 75 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics This change may be lucrative for some, but others might struggle with algorithm updates, as well as staying on top of trends in a fast-paced environment, and organizing and managing content across numerous platforms.  Too many good ideas have been left behind because there

Whatagraph: Multi-Channel, Real-Time Data Monitoring & Reports For Agencies & Teams

While virtually every sales and martech platform have reporting interfaces, many quite robust, they fall short of providing any kind of comprehensive view of your digital marketing. As marketers, we do try to centralize reporting in Analytics, but even it is often exclusive to activity on your site rather than all of the different channels you are working in. And… if you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying to build a report in a platform,

Tailwind Create: Create, Schedule, and Publish Beautiful Pins on Pinterest

Tailwind Create makes designer-quality Pinterest Pins quickly and allows you to streamline and optimize all of your Pinterest marketing better than ever before. In one click, you are able to transform your photos into dozens of personalized Pin design ideas. The all-in-one tool enables you to create, schedule, and publish Pinterest. How to Design with Tailwind Create Here’s a video the team put together on how to use Tailwind Create. Tailwind Create enables Pinterest marketers

Circleboom Publish: Design, Plan, Schedule, And Automate Your Social Media Marketing

If you’re a brand, the ability to centralize your social media marketing in a single, intuitive social media management platform is critical to saving time and deploying your strategy. Features and benefits include: Multi-account management – Circleboom’s multi-account manager makes it easy to manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts from a single platform Optimize your posts – Social media post engagement is directly correlated with the intuitive content design, and

Scary… The Average Halloween Fan Is Planning To Spend Over $100 This Year!

For the first time ever, per-person spending for Halloween will top $100. This year, each of the top spending categories – candy, decorations, costumes, and greeting cards will see significant increases, not just over last year’s numbers, but also over 2019 spending numbers. The Shelf, 021 Halloween Spending, Sales, Stats, and Trends Halloween Statistics Are UP! Last year, less than half of us were interested in celebrating Halloween but this year spending is back up,