How To Build An Authentic Brand

The leading marketing gurus of the world express it in different ways, but all agree that the current market is ripe with theories, cases, and success stories centred on human brands. The key words within this growing market are authentic marketing and human brands. Different Generations: One Voice Philip Kotler, one of the Grand Old Men of marketing, dubs the phenomenon Marketing 3.0. In his book with the same name, he refers to marketing managers and communicators who have “the

QR Code Builder: How To Design and Manage Beautiful QR Codes For Digital or Print

One of our clients has a list of over 100,000 customers that they’ve delivered to but don’t have an email address to communicate them with. We were able to to do an email append that successfully matched (by name and mailing address) and we started a welcome journey that has been quite successful. The other 60,000 customers we are sending a postcard to with their new product launch information. To drive campaign performance, we’re including

How Bluetooth Payments Are Opening Up New Frontiers

Almost everyone dreads downloading yet another app as they sit down for dinner at a restaurant.  As Covid-19 drove the need for contactless ordering and payments, app fatigue became a secondary symptom. Bluetooth technology is set to streamline these financial transactions by allowing touchless payments at long ranges, leveraging existing apps to do so. A recent study explained how the pandemic significantly accelerated the adoption of digital payment technologies. 4 out of 10 US consumers have

It’s a Smartphone Revolution! Are You Ready?

Remember the days when we were limited to only using our mobile phones to call our friends and family? Nowadays, there’s not much we’re not able to do with our smartphones, including shopping, banking, couponing, and so much more. Smartphones make our lives simpler, and that’s a fact. In fact, these practical, everyday handheld devices have become so popular that many are predicting that the number of mobile phones will soon outnumber people, and sales

Marketing Fail: When Tech Does More Harm Than Good

When we’re working with clients, we often inform them that we’re still in the wild west of online marketing… these are still the young days and not everything has been attempted yet. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t learn from the mistakes of others. With new technologies emerging almost every day, it takes an experienced and educated marketing professional to know how to harness a new technology’s marketing potential and turn it into sales