Feedier: A Reward-Driven Feedback Platform

Feedier Customer Feedback Platform

There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not being presented with a poll, survey, or asked for feedback. Unless I’m really satisfied or upset with a brand, I typically just delete the request and move on. Of course, every once in a while, I’m asked for feedback and told that it would be so appreciated that I’ll be rewarded.

Feedier is a feedback platform that lets you collect feedback by rewarding your customers. They get a unique gasified experience and you get the valuable feedback that you’re looking for. The platform has been recognized as one of the easiest to use!

Customer Feedback Platform

Feedier is a feature packed platform, and includes:

  • Template & Bot Creation – Use pre-defined templates or our creation bot to get ready within a couple of minutes, no hassle. Customize the logo, main color, cover image to get a perfect match for your organization. Make it yours by adding a custom domain, intro content, footer note and even change the language. You can even activate your carrier for a specific date range.
  • Engage with your customers – Send out customized emails to your own lists, send customized texts to phone numbers, insert a beautiful widget on your site or web app, or creates a printable PDF that you can ship along with your products to collect feedback.
  • Create 5 types of meaningful questions – Feedier supports short text, NPS score®, slider, select and long text flexible question types. You can display relevant questions to the right users based on how satisfied they are, or create extensive question flows based on the user’s previous replies and a set of conditions you defined. Beautiful animated designs are available to create the best, gamified experiences.
  • Reward your users – Give away coupons and vouchers to encourage future purchases while controlling the winning probability. Send custom files such as exclusive content to your users along with the reward email they receive. Whether it is a license key, a special invite or any kind of custom message, Feedier will send it for you. You can also give away real money via Paypal by Feedier with a distribution limit and defined probability.
  • Capture and collect user reviews and emails – Display a 5-star rating button only to satisfied and engaged users to any platform like Amazon. Display follow buttons on your favorite social networks at end of the feedback experience. Get new testimonials by detecting happy users and asking them to leave you a complete testimonial along with their email. Boost your newsletter list since emails are needed to get the reward.
  • Treat feedback uniquely – Feedier lets you get in touch with your customers directly through their email and your own CRM. A complete report is built for any feedback so you can understand any customer in one click. The rewards page let you access the list of distributed rewards so that you can get in touch directly.
  • Powerful analytics – including device used, browser, time graph, answers, satisfaction, number of feedback entries, visits, best countries, average time, and NPS. A keyword explorer helps you explore all your answers by looking for specific keywords.
  • Administrative Tools – Export the feedback entries matching your dynamic filters to .CSV or .JSON in one click. Manage your team through different roles to get as many collaborators as needed working together. Receive notifications about what’s going on your Feedier account as well as detailed weekly reports.
  • Integrate Feedier – Feedier has a documented JSON REST API to let your developer integrate with your own platforms and tools. Build Zapier ZAPs with the Feedier triggers to do your own actions whenever you receive a feedback. Receive a JSON payload to your own webhook URL whenever a feedback is received with all its details.

Feedier Customer Feedback Analysis

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