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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat is Change Management?

    What is Change Management?

    Technological advancements, shifting customer demands, and fluctuating economic conditions are the norm rather than the exception in business. The ability to adapt and evolve has become a critical determinant of success. Change management has emerged as a necessity in this context, serving as the linchpin enabling organizations to navigate these tumultuous waters with agility and resilience. As technologies evolve at…

  • Ecommerce and RetailHow To Increase Customer Spend at Retail Store - Strategies

    15 Strategies for Increasing Customer Spend at Your Retail Outlet

    Adopting innovative technologies and contemporary strategies is paramount for retailers seeking to thrive in today’s market. The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors. The 4Ps of Marketing The 4Ps of marketing – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion – have long been the cornerstone of marketing strategies. However, as the business environment evolves, these…

  • Content Marketing
    Aprimo: Content Optimization, Collaboration, Digital Asset Management, AI Tools

    Aprimo: Collaborative AI Tools For Content Optimization and Digital Asset Management

    In response to the remarkable AI tech boom over the past year, businesses worldwide are rapidly integrating cutting-edge technologies into their operations. Yet, amidst this technological revolution, what truly distinguishes forward-thinking companies is the adoption of new tools and a clear understanding of how and why to use them. Central to this is the recognition that AI does not exist…

  • Sales EnablementSales enablement tips and technology

    Sales Enablement Tips and Technology

    The intertwining of marketing and sales funnels is reshaping how we approach business, especially in sales. The concept of sales enablement, which bridges the gap between marketing and sales while generating revenue, has become crucial. It’s vital to align these initiatives for the success of both departments. What is Sales Enablement? Sales enablement refers to the strategic use of technology…

  • Advertising TechnologySteve Jobs Infographic and Lesser Known Facts

    Steve Jobs: The Infographic and Insights Beyond the Apple Legacy

    I’m an Apple fanboy and believe there are essential lessons that were deployed by Steve Jobs and the amazingly talented people he had working for him. Two lessons stand out for me: Marketing the potential for using your products or using your services is more powerful when marketing than the features you’ve developed. Apple marketing inspired its prospects and customers,…

  • Content MarketingGraphic Design Trends for 2023

    What Are The Graphic Design Trends That Shaped 2023?

    Graphic design is an ever-evolving field where creativity meets technology to create innovative and visually compelling solutions. As we step into a new era of design, the integration of generative AI (GenAI) into graphic design platforms has emerged as a game-changer. I recently shared how Adobe Illustrator is integrating generative AI tools to accelerate the innovation process for creatives. This…

  • Artificial IntelligenceDouglas Karr Interview about AI and Marketing: Sagil Talks Too Much

    Podcast: Implementing AI Into Marketing And Business For Better Growth

    In an interview with a renowned sales, marketing, and online technology expert (and founder of this publication), Douglas Karr. We delved into the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in this industry. As AI continues to reshape the sales and marketing landscape, Douglas shared his invaluable insights on its profound impact. From the evolution of database marketing to the future…

  • Artificial IntelligenceAI-driven hyperpersonalization and intelligent marketing for customer loyalty

    The Era of Intelligent Marketing: Embracing AI and Hyper-Personalization for Competitive Advantage

    In the competitive pharma market, product quality and price are not the only decisive factors for healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients. The experiences they have with a company oftentimes carry the same weight. With the rise of technology and increased access to content, customers crave more personalized, real-time, and engaging connections. 71% of customers expect businesses to offer personalized experiences,…

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