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Removing Image Backgrounds with AI

If you’re not following Joel Comm, do it. Now. Joel is one of my favorite resources for technology. He’s blunt, honest, and incredibly transparent. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not checking in to what he’s discovered next… and today was a biggy! Joel let everyone know about a new tool online, The tool utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze images with people and then accurately and finitely remove the background.  If you’ve ever tried to do with with Photoshop, you know what an awful experience it is. Despite Photoshop’s eraser options,


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Playoff: Add a Gamification Layer Into Any System

Implementing gamification strategies is a great way of motivating your target to move to the next level. If you have an existing software or process that you would like to add a layer of gamification to and you don’t have the time to have your own team of developers build a full solution, then Playoff provides a rapid, ideal alternative. Playoff is a powerful rules engine that can be easily integrated via SDK API into any existing system as a gamification layer. Engage People, Motivate Actions is the claim of Playoff, our gamification Platform. It allows corporates to


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Amazon Web Services: How Big Is AWS?

Working with technology companies, I’m amazed at how many are hosting their platforms on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Netflix, Reddit, AOL, and Pinterest are now running on Amazon services. Even GoDaddy is moving a majority of its infrastructure there. Key to the popularity is the combination of the high availability and low cost. Amazon S3, for example, is designed to deliver 99.999999999% availability, serving trillions of objects worldwide. Amazon is notorious for its aggressive pricing and AWS’ is no different. That high availability and low cost has been attractive to startups who wish to scale


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Video Marketing Trends for 2019

One area that I’ve been focused on with my clients is video. While there’s a ton of buzz around video, my concern is that it’s a similar buzz that we continue to see with social media. Everyone is doing it, but very few are doing it well. The video marketing strategies that I see that perform well require quite a bit of research, pre-planning, quality recording, great lighting, fantastic audio, and outstanding editing. Everyone is a videographer now that we all have high-definition smartphones, but that doesn’t mean everyone is a great video marketer. It’s