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What is Blockchain Technology?

Look at a dollar bill, and you’ll find a serial number. On a check, you’ll find a routing and account number. Your credit card has a credit card number. Those numbers are centrally logged at a location somewhere – either in a government database or a banking system. As you look at a dollar, you have no idea what its history is though. Perhaps it was stolen, or perhaps it’s a counterfeit copy. Worse, central control of the data could be abused by printing more, stealing them, or manipulating the currency – often resulting in devaluation of all the currency.


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The Future of Self-Executing Contracts Using Blockchain

What if contracts could automatically self-execute if certain conditions are met? In this infographic, The Power of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain, Etherparty describes just how this isn’t the future – Smart Contracts are becoming the reality. Smart contracts could take the subjective nature of contract qualification and negotiation out of the hands of decision-makers, providing an incredible opportunities for parties to close deals that are perfect for each party – with regard to cost, trust, and execution. If you want an in-depth article on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies, I’d recommend CB Insights whitepaper. What is a Smart Contract? Etherparty,


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What is Big Data? What Are the Benefits of Big Data?

The promise of big data is that companies will have far more intelligence at their disposal to make accurate decisions and predictions on how their business is operating. Let’s get some insight into Big Data, what it is, and why we should use it. Big Data is a Great Band It’s not what we’re talking about here, but you might as well listen to a great song while you’re reading about Big Data. I’m not including the music video… it’s not really safe for work. PS: I wonder if they chose the name to take catch the wave of popularity