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Another great video from Common Craft found via Ade's blog:

Some constructive criticism, though… this video really missed the boat on the technology behind blogging – things like pings, trackbacks and search engine optimization.

Blogging is the High Octane Fuel for the Search Engine

What the video does not speak to is the power of blogging in accelerating topics to search engine results. The more that people write about your blog post, the more audience you reach. The more audience you reach, the better your search engine ranking. The better your search engine results, the more audience you reach via search.

Blogging and Search

Google wants to put popular, quality links first when they index keywords and content. When you have the entire blogosphere writing about you – it boosts your content up to the front of the line. In a sense, blogging is the fuel for feeding the search engine.

Why a Blog? Why not a Social Network?

Some folks confuse strategies and wonder, “Why not build an entire social network, then? If blogging is good for Search Engine results – then Social Networks must be incredible!”

Not really!

Notice how an idea is central to a blog, like-minded bloggers, and their readers (left side of the chart). This is a concentrated spear that aims dead center at the topic that a searcher is looking for. Social networks do have ideation – and some even have internal blogging (which works as a normal blog does), but for the most part Social Networks are there for finding like people, not a central focus on a specific idea.

Social Network Diagram

Social networks are fantastic – I belong to many. But they lack the concentration of topics and keywords that a blog can have for growing search engine ranking. Blogs are a fast track to getting your idea or topics heard. Social networks are great to meet and find people like yourself.


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    @Douglas “Some folks confuse strategies and wonder, why not build an entire social network, then? If blogging is good for Search Engine results – then Social Networks must be incredible!”

    I didn’t follow that logic at all. I agree with your premise that blogs and social networks have different value propositions and that social networks are not good for topical SEO (though they might be good for something else as yet unknown), but I didn’t follow how you think people are drawing lines between the two. I’ve actually never heard anyone mention anything like that…

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      Hi Mike,

      When we speak to some clients regarding the benefits of blogging, some (not most) companies push back that they would like to build a social network. Since some social networks incorporate blogging, they think this is actually a step up.

      The strategies behind each are distinct, as well as the audience and their reason for being there.

      Bottom line is that companies are still confused about these technologies and really don’t understand the differences. Hopefully I didn’t confuse them more!


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        Ah, I see where you are coming from now. You were talking about those total neophyte prospects and clients that “Heard ’bout this new thang called the “inner-net” and wanna get me a piece o’that action ’cause I done heard you can strike-it-rich on there. Said so on the T. V.” and not about those of us who are actually paying attention!

        (Sorry if I went a little overboard there on the characterization… 🙂

        (P.S. How about adding a comment preview plugin to this here ol’blog? I hear tell some blogger referenced a list of Top 30 plugins somewhere. I’ll bet you could find one in that list… ‘-)

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    Here is one way I draw the distinction between leveraging business blogging for Search vs. a Social Network for Business.

    For the most part people don’t want to subscribe to your business blog and they don’t want to join your social network. Organizations that think that a “build it and they will come” strategy should just set up a group in Facebook, you will have a much higher likelyhood of success than trying to make “Your” thing a “destination” that people will return to.

    When thinking of Corporate Blogging, you have to think of the reality that people are only going to come once….they search and your job is to be standing in front of them when they reach the results page.

    This is the highest value of corporate blogging

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      That’s the ‘every page is a landing page’ idea and I agree 100%. However, without anyone referencing it, you are not insuring your placement and you’ll allow others can easily bypass you – pushing you don’t the results. Momentum and authority are important elements that provide staying power.

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