Why You Should Be Implementing Your Video Marketing Strategy in 2015

video marketing 2015

Videos are now making it into every interaction we’re making online. From the launch of live video feeds on Twitter with Meerkat, the continued popularity of video on Facebook and Instagram, and the accessibility of high definition video on every mobile device. In fact, half of all video traffic is now routed to a mobile phone or tablet – that’s incredible growth.

And it’s not simply that videos are popular or consumer-driven. More than 80% of senior executives watch more video than they did a year ago and three quarters of executives are watching work-related videos every week! And given the choice, 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read an article. So whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, video is becoming essential in your digital marketing strategy.

Having videos increases open rates, increases click-through rates, and reduces unsubscribe rates in email marketing. Videos have been found effective by marketers for brand awareness, lead generation and online engagement. Video marketing is becoming so popular and effective that HighQ has already named 2015 The Year of Video Marketing!

Video Marketing Statistics

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    Amazing info graphic it is for understanding the effectiveness of video marketing and each and everything has been described superbly and easily. So I am sure that by notifying this info graphic everybody will understand that why video marketing is important for business and why the video marketing is increasing day by day. So thanks Douglas for presenting such a lovely info graphic and hope that this sort of helpful info graphic will be seen frequently:)

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    I am also planning to start bringing videos for my readers. I was confused about the results, but who knows. I have to try! This infographics is pretty effective.

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