Here’s 10 Ways You Can Increase Engagement with Visual Content

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A key strategy in our redesign and social integrations has been a focus on visual content. Sharing quality infographics on our site has skyrocketed our reach and allows me to discuss the content in them with each share. This infographic from Canva is no different – walking someone through all of the different ways you can make visual content. And I really appreciate a key piece of advice they provide:

Visual content gives you free reign to customise your message, use different techniques and mediums to get your message across, it’s really an infinitely useful tool.

Differentiation is such a key online. As we write article after article, we have to work so hard at differentiating it from the thousands of other articles that are published every day across the web. Add one key visual, though, and the article takes on a totally new impression with your visitors. Not only that, the shareability of that article increases exponentially.

In this infographic, Canva shows you 10 Types of Awesome Visual Content your brand should be creating right now:

  1. Eye-Catching Photographs – 93% of buyers say images are the #1 deciding factor when buying products.
  2. Inspiring Quote Cards – Quotes reflect your values, are easy to create, and are highly shareable.
  3. Strong Calls to Action – 70% of businesses lack any call to action even though viewers are highly likely to take action.
  4. Branded Images – Using detailed and branded images can help you gain 67% more audience attention.
  5. Interesting Data Visualization – 40% of people respond to and understand visual information better than plain text.
  6. Engaging Videos – Only 9% of small businesses use them, but 64% of consumers are more inclined to buy after watching a video.
  7. Tips, Tricks, and How-To’s – Provides value and use for your product and helps to build authority.
  8. Informative Screenshots – 88% of people read reviews to determine a business’ quality, take a screenshot of your reviews!
  9. Thought Provoking Questions – Encourages sharing, conversation, engagement and brand awareness.
  10. Infographics – There’s a reason why DK New Media produces so many infographics for our clients! They’re 3 times more likely to be shared and businesses using infographics report 12% higher profit than those who don’t.

10 Types of Visual Content

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Canva and I’m using my affiliate link in this article.

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