The High Cost of Web Design Failures is Too Common

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When you read these two statistics, you’re going to be shocked. More than 45% of all businesses don’t have a website. And of the DIY’s (Do-It-Yourselfers) that embark on building a site, 98% of them fail in publishing one at all. This doesn’t even count the number of businesses that have a website that simply isn’t driving leads… which I believe is another significant percentage.

This infographic from Webydo pinpoints the major issue with failed web designs and the complexity of the solutions and the need for a balance between some design and lots of development. Add to that the number of amateurs and the weak tools at their disposal, and it spells doom for a high number of businesses.

Between DIY solutions and B2B content marketing platforms, a third segment is emerging, hoping to disrupt the website design market. Webydo is an independent B2B solution for professional designers wishing to create advanced websites for their clients, with custom tailored designs and without writing even one line of code or hiring developers.

I’ve not utilized Webydo but look forward to taking it for a test-drive. Perhaps my problem is that I’m more of a developer than a designer. I tend to get inspiration from other people’s designs and then incorporate them into our web presence. I am excited at the continuous improvement in the industry, though, and their ability to build flexible solutions with edit in place and drag and drop capabilities.

I’ll be honest that I don’t mind spending money on development. In fact, we often work behind fantastic designers to build faster and more flexible implementations with their designs. Two pages may look identical, but the underlying infrastructure and coding can make a huge difference in page speed and customer behavior.

I don’t believe the biggest dilemma facing the web design industry is the tools, I believe it’s the value of the work. Many years ago, I saw a speaker that spoke about a company that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars designing their company’s lobby, but cringed at spending a fraction of that on their website. Your website is your lobby to the world. You don’t have a second thought about the ROI of the couch in your lobby, but you’re nickel and diming your web design and development company. It just doesn’t make sense.

We’ve seen first hand the extremes. We’ve worked with companies that had a homegrown, DIY site that attained no traffic and no leads… costing the company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in business. And we’ve seen other companies blow their budget on a beautiful design that had no strategy for acquiring prospects, keeping customers, and upselling them.

Most of our money isn’t spent on developing sites for our clients. More often than not it’s working to analyze how we can improve their market share and drive more business for their bottom line. That’s money well spent! We build beautiful sites for clients at a fraction of the cost and time of most agencies… the difference is that ours actually produce revenue!

If you’re a web designer, check out Webydo! It sounds like an exciting advancement for the industry.


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