Youtube: What’s Your Video Strategy There?


We’re always focused on gaps when it comes to our clients’ digital marketing strategy. Search engines aren’t just a channel for businesses and consumers to find the brands they’re looking for, the algorithms are also an outstanding indicator of a brand’s authority online. As we analyze the content that’s driving attention to the brand, we compare the content on each competitor’s site to see what the differences are.

Quite often, one of those differentiators is video. There are several types of videos that can be produced, but explainer videos, how-to videos, and customer testimonials are the most impactful for businesses. How-to and style videos on #Youtube receive an average of 8,332 views, the most popular category next to entertainment videos.

If it’s time to compete with video content, I’d recommend your company put together a balanced strategy:

  • Put aside a significant budget for an explainer video that’s up to 2 minutes long. Remember that this video is going to stick with you for a while, so ensuring consistent branding, removing any time-specific mentions, and teasing the future would be a great strategy. An animated video that performs well may be $5k to $10k – but a great return on investment.
  • Take every opportunity you can to film testimonial videos. Even if it means that you hire film crews and send them to your customers, you should absolutely invest in it. Testimonials are indicators of trust that can not be beaten. They can also be repurposed for written content throughout all of your digital and print mediums. Don’t underestimate the power of an emotional testimonial on your company.
  • Work on thought leadership videos that spotlight the human resources and culture of your company that differentiates you from competitors. For efficiency, we often schedule an entire day or two of shooting of the leaders of the business. By doing this, we can create spotlight videos that focus on one person at a time, or we can mix and match thematic videos on different topics.

Don’t forget that videos aren’t just a fantastic asset for your site, Youtube itself continues to lead online searches next to Google. Optimize your Youtube channel and each of your videos for maximum impact. Produce other videos on a regular basis to build subscribers and start a community of your own.

What’s around the corner? Live video. Youtube is jumping heads first into the live streaming game. We’re still early, but sometimes that’s the best time to jump into an emerging technology. Before the big brands make the investment, smaller agile businesses can take advantage and drive some great market share. It’s definitely a gamble – but we’ve seen it pay off over and over again.

This infographic from Visual Z Studios will provide you with the overview of how critical this channel is when working with video.

Youtube Statistics Infographic

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    I love YouTube. I reuse content from Facebook Live directly to the site. I can then embed videos directly from there into my existing sites.

    YouTube Live is a great way to build a community fairly quickly, and unlike Facebook, where people are there, for a number of different reasons, I know for a fact that people are on YouTube for a singular purpose. to watch a video. There’s a dedicated audience, and with live chats, it makes the experience even more personal. I’ve seen 6 hour live streams that were surprisingly very productive.

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