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Since Wunderlist’s shutdown was made official, many users have been urgently looking for an alternative. Thousands have already expressed their disappointment at the current alternatives, which is why Zenkit decided to develop Zenkit To Do so Wunderlist users can feel right at home. It’s no coincidence their app’s features and intuitive interface are so similar to Wunderlist.

Today’s apps are either simple lists (such as Wunderlist, Todoist, or MS To Do) or complex project management tools with multiple views (such as Wrike or JIRA). The reality is, however, that different types of workers need different types of tools. How can one single app do it all? 

Zenkit is launching Zenkit To Do, their new task management app, prior to Wunderlist being discontinued on the 6th of May, 2020.

Zenkit To-Do Integrates with Zenkit:

Zenkit (super simple) to-do app is fully integrated with the original Zenkit platform. So from now on, you can work on your tasks in the to-do app or use sophisticated views like Kanban and Gantt charts. No syncing, no imports, no hassle! All the apps share one data store. This can bring people from different levels together, managers with their project overviews to team members with their actionable tasks.

Features of Zenkit and Zenkit Plus include:

  • Activity tracking – Watch activities as they occur. See everything that’s going on in your teams, collections, and even individual items.
  • Advanced Administration – Use SAML-based SSO, manage users with provisioning, and monitor and audit user activities with Organizations.
  • Aggregations – See aggregations for any number field in any view for a quick overview of your data.
  • Assign tasks – Easily delegate tasks by assigning them to your team members. Notify them as soon as a new task needs their attention.
  • Bulk Actions – Add, remove, or replace the value of any field in multiple items. Never get stuck doing tedious data entry again!
  • Calendar Sync – Never miss another appointment! Zenkit’s Google Calendar integration means that your calendars are always in sync.
  • Checklists – Need a quick way to track subtasks? Use a checklist! Track progress visually and mark things off as they’re done.
  • Collaborate – Invite colleagues, family, and friends to collaborate with you on your projects.
  • Colored Items – Make your items stand out by coloring them in. Easily differentiate between tasks with bold, bright colors
  • Comments – Collaborate with your team in comments, so that your work and conversation stay connected. Made a mistake? Edit comments so that everyone has the right information.
  • Custom Backgrounds – Customize Zenkit to suit you and your team. Add your own backgrounds and images with an upgrade to Zenkit Plus.
  • Desktop apps – A beautiful, distraction-free app for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Quick-add tasks, open multiple screens, and stay productive offline.
  • Drag and drop – Intuitively organize your projects and move items along as you progress with drag and drop.
  • Email to Collection – Email a task to Zenkit directly and assign tasks via a unique email address. Create new items from your inbox.
  • Favorites – Need a way to track items from across your account in one place? Mark them as a favorite so you can access them in a snap.
  • File sharing – Work together. Share documents and images from your desktop, or from your favorite cloud storage services.
  • Filter – Drill down quickly to find exactly what you’re looking for using Zenkit’s powerful filters. Save frequently used filters to create custom views.
  • Formulas – Create formulas using any number field or reference to connect, combine and analyze data from any collection.
  • Gantt Chart – Schedule and track complex projects on a clear timeline, with lag & lead, milestones, critical path, and more!
  • Global Calendar – Juggling multiple projects? Need a way to track tasks and events across all collections? Sometimes you just need to see everything in one place. Enter “My Calendar”.
  • Global Search – Need to get to an item quickly? Want to search through archived items? The global search can find anything in seconds.
  • Labels – Zenkit label fields are flexible enough to categorize items, assign priority, track progress, and much, much more. Organize your Kanban boards by any label field you create.
  • Mentions – Need to immediately notify other team members about an important update? Use @mentions to ping your colleagues and bring relevant team members into the conversation.
  • Mobile Apps -Use Zenkit on the go! No connection? No problem. Zenkit for iOS and Android support offline work and will sync when you’re reconnected.
  • Notifications – Let notifications help rather than distract you. Customize your notifications to get the information you need, when and where you need it.
  • Recurring Items – Have tasks that you repeat each week or month? Set up a recurring task so you never miss an appointment.
  • References – Connect collections to create a completely custom relational database that’s as easy to use as a to-do list. More powerful than just a link, references keep your data in sync.
  • Rich text editing – Zenkit’s simple rich text editor lets you create beautiful text to enhance your work. Use HTML, markdown, or basic text to make your words stand out.
  • Shortcuts – Quickly add items, move mind map branches, add labels, and so much more with Zenkit shortcuts.
  • Subtasks – Add subtasks with due dates, assigned users, and more, to any item.
  • Switch views – Group your Kanban board by any label in lists and rows. Create a priority matrix or track progress by member.
  • Team Tasks – An inbox for your team. One place to view all items assigned to you or to anyone you collaborate with. Create and automatically assign items to your team without getting lost in complex projects.
  • Team Wiki – Create and publish a beautiful, content-rich wiki in moments. Collaborate in real time with wiki members.
  • Templates – Not sure where to start? Take a leaf out of an experts’ book and download one of our business-ready templates.
  • To-do list – Turn any project into a to-do list and fly through your tasks! Mark tasks as done and watch them move down the list.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Make sure your account is secure with two factor authentication. Available for all Zenkit users.
  • User Roles – Assign roles to users to enhance the security of your work and boost your team’s productivity.
  • Work offline – Use Zenkit on the go, whether you have an internet connection or not! Offline mode is also supported in the web version
  • Zapier – Integrate with over 750 of your favorite apps and services with Zenkit’s Zapier integration. Zapbook

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    Thanks Douglas, I haven’t come across Wunderlist before your post. I must find out more!  Will you be doing a follow up post on the phone app?  Would love to know more!

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