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How to Eat a Gourmet Pretzel?

On Tuesday I took a whirlwind trip from Indianapolis to Tampa to Atlanta and back to Indianapolis. There was no time to visit friends or family (I didn’t even call them to tell them)… just a meeting and back in the air. Our flights were made with Airtran and I was pleasantly surprised.

Perhaps the greatest part of the flight was reaching down in my tiny bag of complimentary pretzels and reading the package:

Airtran Pretzels

I’m a sucker for clever advertising and really got a kick out of this one!

Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is the founder of the Martech Zone and recognized expert on digital transformation. Doug is a Keynote and Marketing Public Speaker. He's the VP and cofounder of Highbridge, a firm specializing in assisting enterprise companies to digitally transform and maximize their technology investment utilizing Salesforce technologies. He's developed digital marketing and product strategies for Dell Technologies, GoDaddy, Salesforce, Webtrends, and SmartFOCUS. Douglas is also the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies and co-author of The Better Business Book.


  1. It’s clever, I’ll give them that, but clever doesn’t pay the bills. I wonder if it generates bookings.

    Air Tran has a fairly niched market/route structure, so it may be just an effort at reaching out to customers, rather than a business generation effort.

  2. Imagine my surprise when I saw your post with a photo of a bag of pretzels I had just eaten a few days ago on a flight from Ohio to/from Orlando, Fla! Amazing advertising, isn’t it?

    Actually, this post was a good excuse for me to write you a comment because I tried using your contact form to ask you why I might be having a problem with it on my blog. I’ve asked countless people to send me a test message using your form but it’s not working for some reason. It’s not coming to my email.

    The only thing I can think of is that the email I put in your contact form is the same email I’m using in my admin panel. Could that be the reason?

    Since you haven’t responded to my message via your contact form, I’m wondering if there’s a problem with it for anyone, including myself who is using it.

    Please advise.


    1. Hi Stephen,

      I’m not sure what the problem might be. Email me through my contact form with the page you are sending it from. The plugin uses WordPress’ mail capability so it should be sending a message just as your blog would.


  3. Doug:

    I did as you requested and filled out your contact form, using my normal email address (stephen(at)sjhopson(dot)com I actually tried contacting you via your contact form but never heard back from you. It makes me wonder if there is something wrong with your contact form.

    As I wrote in my message via the contact form, whenever I used the above mentioned email address, those who wanted to reach me via your contact form at my blog never got their message through. I never received them.

    However, when I changed my email address to sjhopson(at)yahoo(dot)com, messages via your contact form at my site came through just fine.

    Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that the stephen(at)sjhopson(dot)com address is being used as the administrator’s email address? Could that have anything to do with it?

    I’m puzzled, can’t figure out what it is that prevents me from using my main email address: stephen(at)sjhopson(dot)com as the address your contact form uses to forward messages.


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