Audiense Insights: Audience Segmentation Intelligence and Analysis Software

Audiense Insights - Audience Segmentation and Analysis Platform

A key strategy and challenge when developing and marketing a brand is understanding who your market is. Great marketers avoid the temptation of guessing because we’re often biased in our approach. Anecdotal stories from internal decision-makers who have relationships with their market often don’t uncover the overall view of our audience is for a few reasons:

  • The loudest prospects or customers aren’t necessarily the average or best prospects or customers.
  • While a company may have a significant client-base, it doesn’t mean it has the right client-base.
  • Some segments are ignored because they’re small, but shouldn’t be because they could have the highest return on marketing investment.

Social data is a goldmine for uncovering audiences and segments because of the rich, vast amounts of data available. Machine learning and the ability to process that data is enabling platforms to intelligently identify audience segments and analyze behaviors, providing actionable insights that marketers can use to better target, personalize, and achieve superior results with.

What is Audience Intelligence?

Audience Intelligence is the capability of understanding audiences based on the analysis of individual and aggregate data about consumers. Audience Intelligence platforms provide insights on the segments or communities that shape that audience, audience psychographics and demographics whilst having the ability to connect audience segments to social listening and analytics platforms, influencer marketing tools, digital advertising platforms and other marketing or consumer research suites.


Audiense Insights Audience Intelligence

Audiense assists brands to identify relevant audiences with actionable insights that help inform strategies to grow your business. With Audiense Insights, you can:

  • Identify any audience or segment – Audiense allows you to identify and understand any audience, no matter how specific or unique it is to conduct social audience analysis. Effortlessly combine numerous filter options when you create a report, such as user profiles, affinities, demographics and job roles, creating highly personalized audience segments. Armed with Audiense Insights you can uncover audience intelligence to make better marketing decisions, adapt your targeting, improve relevancy and drive high performance campaigns at scale.

Audiense Insights - Identify any audience or segment

  • Instantly understand who makes up your target audienceAudiense Insights applies machine learning to instantly understand who makes up your target audience, by analyzing connections between the people that shape it. Go beyond traditional segmentation based on age, gender and location, now you can discover new segments based on people’s interests and understand your current target market on a deeper level. Their audience intelligence platform allows you to compare segments with baselines or other audiences and create benchmarks with different segments, countries or even other competitors.

Audience Intelligence - Instantly understand who makes up your target audience

  • Own your data – integrate Audiense Insights with your own data or visualizations. Simply export your reports to PDF or PowerPoint formats to use the most relevant insights about your audiences in your presentation decks. Or alternatively, export each of the insights to a CSV file so you can easily process, share or integrate them in your organization.

Integrate Audiense Insights with your own data or visualizations

How to Create Your Free Audience Intelligence Report

Here’s an overview video on how to utilize Audiense‘s free plan to create an Insights report using the basic audience creation wizard. Don’t let the word basic fool you, though. The report provides demographic, geographic, language, bio, age, socioeconomics, brand affinities, brand influence, interests, media affinity, content, personality, buying mindset, online habits, and the top 3 segments!

Build Your Free Audiense Insights Analysis

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