What’s the Best Portable Tripod for a Phone, DSLR Camera, GoPro, or Microphone?

UBeesize Portable Tripod

I now carry so much audio equipment with me that I purchased a backpack with wheels, my messenger bag was simply too heavy. While my bag is well-organized, I still like to keep the weight down by not having multiples of each kind of device or accessory I’m bringing with me.

One issue were the collection of tripods I was carrying. I had a small desktop tripod, another that was flexible, and then another that was purely for my smartphone. It was all too much. I think I’ve tested just about every portable tripod on the market – until I tested the UBeesize Tripod X.

It’s a flexible tripod that’s light and portable yet has the longest legs I’ve found – 12″. It’s sturdy enough to mount a full DSLR camera or camcorder on, and comes with a multitude of accessories:

  • Mobile Phone Holder Clip for iPhone/Android Phone
  • Swivel head that locks in place
  • GoPro mount adapter
  • Bluetooth remote camera button
  • Necklace strap

UBeesize Tripod XThe legs are both flexible and coated with a soft rubber coating that doesn’t tear or split, but really grabs anything you may wish to mount it on or around. And, of course the legs are long enough to really keep it from shaking or falling – even with a heavy camera on it.

Ubeesize Flexible TripodI have a great Apogee microphone that I carry with me to do podcasts on the road, but the tripod was never really tall enough so I’d balance it on some books – and it would often slip and slide with the plastic tripod legs. This tripod doesn’t budge and allows me to get the microphone positioned just where I need it.  And since they’re priced around $20, I purchased a few – for home, the office, and the backpack.

Disclosure: I’m using my Amazon affiliate link in this article.

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