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Bloomreach: Empowering E-commerce Marketers to Drive More Results with Less Complexity

The past few years have seen e-commerce accelerate at breakneck speed. And while that growth has evened out as of late, the potential of e-commerce has hardly reached its limit. Over two billion people made online purchases in 2022, and those numbers will only continue to increase in the coming year.

Yet this poses a challenge for marketers, who not only need to focus on attracting these new customers but also figure out a way to retain the existing ones. As customer acquisition costs continue to rise alongside e-commerce revenue expectations, finding a way to solve this challenge — fast — is more important than ever.

Bloomreach recognizes this challenge facing marketers today and offers a solution with a tool that makes personalized, omnichannel campaigns easier for marketers to build and faster to drive results. Using data-driven personalization throughout their campaigns, businesses drive engagement, customer lifetime value, and, ultimately revenue.

Bloomreach Engagement

A fully integrated solution for marketers, Bloomreach Engagement offers a unified view of real-time customer data, campaign automation across 13 channels (including email, SMS, and ads), artificial intelligence to personalize and scale campaigns, and advanced analytics to measure success.

This single solution enables brands to get a unified view of customer data and put that data into action without depending on tech and IT teams. It eliminates silos, allowing marketers to build granular segmentations and complex use cases, and pivot as priorities evolve. Importantly, it enables accurate, real-time personalization by processing that data quickly with its proprietary in-memory framework architecture.

Other benefits Bloomreach Engagement offers include:

  • AI models help to enrich data.
  • A built-in customer data platform (CDP).
  • Pre-defined templates.
  • A full web optimization suite.
  • The ability to collect zero-party data (0P).
  • Role-based security.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Whether you’re using Bloomreach’s built-in channels or connecting to other providers, automation generates robust results and frees teams to focus on more critical tasks. With Bloomreach Engagement, marketers can automate campaigns across every critical channel.

  • Email marketing: With the Bloomreach data platform natively integrated with its email marketing capabilities, all first-party and zero-party data is available for immediate use within campaigns. Marketers can scale 1:1 personalization efforts using AI/ML that creates accurate product recommendations and predicts optimal send times. The tool includes built-in signup forms, a drag-and-drop editor, preview and testing, and customizable dashboards and reporting.

    Teams can also use AI-powered personalization, advanced segmentation, and the audience builder to analyze recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) segments, and customer lifetime value (CLV) within the platform, generating insights to guide growth and reactivation campaigns.
  • SMS and mobile messaging: SMS and mobile messaging allow teams to target audiences on a device that always has eyes on it. Through automation, marketers identify customer segments likely to interact with the brand through this channel, sending specific SMS messages to reach them whenever and wherever they are, via SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Push, and Mobile App messaging .
  • Web and app personalization: Web and app personalization from Bloomreach Engagement is powered by real-time first-party customer data, allowing for web and app experiences that personalize in real-time. With no-code builders and a range of AI/ML tools to create high-performing campaigns, building uniquely personalized web experiences — at scale — is simple.
  • Ad optimization: Ads and retargeting allow brands to re-engage customers and website visitors who’ve stopped interacting with the traditional channels. Native integrations include Adform, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, and more — with custom integration. By combining first-party data with predictive analytics to improve the precision and personalization of ad campaigns, return on ad spend (ROAS) increases.

How people research and purchase isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair, and individual customers have their preferred channels. Bloomreach allows teams to accommodate those preferences to deliver personalized customer experiences across the entire ecosystem, then use AI to automate and scale those efforts.

Intelligence and Orchestration

The new generation of tech-savvy, analytical marketers expect tools designed to help predict customer behavior and deliver exceptional personalized experiences. Marketing and intelligence insights from Bloomreach Engagement enable marketing teams to:

  • Stand out from the crowd with real-time product recommendations, thanks to data collected from in-session customer behavior.
  • Offer consistent recommendations across all channels to accommodate any customer preferences and style.
  • Hone in on customer requirements (and pain points) with zero-party data, which helps generate solutions and provide immediate value.
  • Improve marketing campaign performance by building — and combining — prediction models to fit unique business needs.
  • Leverage insights from predicted future customer behavior to identify and target high-value customer segments with personalized content to align with future needs.
  • Use data visualization tools to generate insightful, customized reports calculated in real-time.

Raises Customer Lifetime Value

Marketing teams are increasingly focused on customer lifetime value (CLV), which offers insights into how much brands should spend on customer acquisition and helps understand customer personas to guide more effective segmentation, targeting, and personalization. Bloomreach helps marketers focus on this metric by serving as a central hub for customer data and creating individual customer profiles that allow for that segmentation and audience building. It also helps marketers measure ad performance, find and strengthen weaker KPIs, prevent churn, and practice value-tier segmentation.

Focusing on CLV is a key to long-term companywide growth — and Bloomreach Engagement includes all the fundamental capabilities necessary to maximize CLV:

  • Centralized access to all customer data — no silos.
  • A unified dashboard to facilitate customer communication across all channels.
  • Predictive analytics capabilities.
  • Support for monitoring data streams and communication channels.

Marketing campaigns that drive sustainable results

Every customer touchpoint offers an opportunity to build a brand and cultivate long-lasting relationships. With more personalized campaigns, businesses can maximize those touchpoints by ensuring customers see products, content, or promotions that are relevant to them. As customers see more of what they like, loyalty grows, as does revenue.

The ability to drive that type of sustainable growth — powered by personalization — shouldn’t be a complicated process of connecting data and tools across a tech stack. Bloomreach removes complexity and gives marketers all of the tools for success in one, easy-to-use solution. Empowered by technology that makes their job easier and more efficient, marketers are able to build the best possible campaigns — the ones that will help them succeed in the next era of e-commerce growth ahead.

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Anirban Bardalaye

Anirban Bardalaye serves as Chief Product Officer of Bloomreach. Anirban began his career as a software engineer, having built software at early-stage startups and global software companies. Previously Anirban served as Vice President of Product Management, Commerce Cloud, at Salesforce. Having first led strategy and delivery of Salesforce B2B Commerce and its core commerce platform, his responsibilities later grew to include industry product strategy and execution for the entire Commerce Cloud portfolio.

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