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Marketers sometimes make the mistake of using tools like Google Alerts to monitor their brand. The problem with Google Alerts is that much of the content within social media isn’t identified, indexed and found as it happens. Companies need to respond to requests immediately. There’s a very high probability that you’re missing the conversation that’s happening if you’re not utilizing a real-time social media monitoring tool.

Brandwatch lists a number of additional reasons why companies invest in a Social Media Monitoring solution:

  • To monitor your Brand’s reputation, and your competitors’
  • To answer customer complaints and questions on the Web
  • To collate customer suggestions and help your product development
  • To support your online communities
  • To prevent and mitigate negative coverage
  • To better promote your products
  • For market research

Sophisticated tools like Brandwatch are able to filter, categorize and capture key indicators within the real-time stream of conversations happening in social media. Here’s an overview of the sophisticated process they incorporate to ensure your monitoring and reporting data is meaningful and accurate:

Social Media Monitoring Process

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