5 Tips to Take Your Business Brochures Up a Notch

designing a brochure leaflet

Your sales one-sheet, media kit, brochure, PDF, product brochure… whatever you wish to call it, it needs help. We recently put together a media & sponsorship kit for the site after request after request had been made.

The fact is, people still love to download and print documents and we still love to distribute print products by hand. Not to mention the fact that a beautiful print piece can get quite a bit of attention. It’s turning into a differentiator and many direct mail and direct distribution campaigns are seeing an upswing in response because there’s not a lot competition out there.

Need A Print in Ireland has produced this infographic to provide tips that will help you get more attention for your spend, Creating the Perfect Business Leaflet.

Know what to say, who you’re saying it to, how to say it, look professional and don’t let them sit idle. The size, headline, sentence structure, imagery, colors and – most of all – the call-to-action, are imperative to a great performing brochure. We also recommend using some kind of phone tracking or trackable URL on the piece so you know which ones perform better than others.

Need a Print Recommends the AIDA Formula:

  • Attention – Make it eye catching.
  • Interest – Keep the reader interested.
  • Desire – Create desire using persuasive images and information.
  • Action – Encourage the reader to take action.


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