10 Trends to Watch in Digital Marketing for 2016

2016 digital marketing trends

We’ve got a great marketing podcast coming up where we discuss the incredible changes that are occurring just within the content marketing realm of digital marketing. But digital marketing continues to go through incredible transformations as well. This infographic from Cube points out the latest that marketers should be observing in 2016.

Here are 10 Trends in Digital Marketing

  1. Return on Investment – the infographic speaks to getting beyond vanity metrics like traffic and shares, but I believe the trend to watch is improved attribution within analytics toolsets.
  2. Think Global Instead of Local – multilanguage, real-time translation, and internationalization are all making it possible for commerce to go global. Not to mention that shipping already supports it.
  3. Personalization – engagement and conversion rates increase when messages are personalized based on the timing, behavior, demographics and location of the buyer.
  4. Emergence of Data Science – big data technology is now accessible to the masses and small and mid-sized businesses are gaining access to predictive data they never thought possible.
  5. Mobile Prioritization – mobile apps, social media, video, mobile browsing, location-based mobile browsing… the mobile device is now central to our online engagement.
  6. Influencer Marketing – seeking out the people that own your prospects and working with them to influence that audience is having incredible results as display and search engagement fade.
  7. Augmented and Virtual Reality – Cube just mentioned virtual, but I’m not sure it’s going to be as huge a deal as augmented reality. The ability to enhance our engagement with the world we live in seems to have more possibilities in my opinion.
  8. App Indexing – building tools to help visitors should be central to every company’s digital marketing presence. We built a unit conversion calculator for a chemical manufacturer that has become the best in their industry and used by everyone in their target market – leading to great awareness and conversions.
  9. Wearable Technology and IoT – Local marketing and targeting of wearable technologies presents a great opportunity for companies to both interact and push messaging directly where the prospect or customer is paying attention.
  10. Omni-Channel Marketing – The convergence of online and offline marketing has evolved. It’s even bringing back the some traditional marketing where your message is heard simply because there’s not as much competition.

2016 Digital Marketing Trends

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